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Upgrading has never been easier...

As a huge fan of 5.1 audio I was finding that my Sony ES receiver was starting to run out of current when driving all the speakers at higher volumes. Adding in the Parasound Integrated and using its home theater bypass function I now have crystal clear sound and even the Sony ES receiver itself sounds better. The other upside is playing back vinyl. I can now play vinyl using the Parasound and completely bypassing the Sony ES receiver and the sound has greatly improved. This is a fantastic integrated and was an easy way to upgrade my current system without starting over. Highly recommended...

- David S, CA
Parasound Halo Integrated

I had picked up a pair of KEF LS50's and was looking for a way to properly high pass them and found this amp in the process and boy I'm sure glad. After researching many options I kept coming back to the Halo Integrated for it's over all superior performance. I now have the LS50's high passed at 80hz and a pair of subs low passed at 80hz both using the Halo crossovers and it's pure heaven. I don't understand why crossovers are not more common on Stereo amps as this arrangements is so simple and logical. My only complaint with the Halo is that you have to bypass the crossovers and use the pre outs to run stereo subs - WTH?. So far my biggest surprise is the fantastic ESS Sabre32 DAC. I was streaming Tidal through a Meridian2 DAC for high res playback but when I switched over to the Halo I was blown away! Watching YouTube with the audio running through the Halo DAC has also been a real treat. I need a turntable so I have not yet tried the phono hookups yet but based on my experience so far this is one awesome amplifier! Thank you Parasound.

- Michael N, MD
A really incredible integrated amp

This amp replaced a CJ Premier amp and an Audio Research SP 9 preamp. I expected a less tube like sound but actually the sound is much more natural and the bass is improved noticeably. Imaging is great too and I am enjoying my CDS and records more than ever. I couldn't be more pleased.

- Peter Y, CA
Meets my requirements

Having limited space, and needing phono, optical, and subwoofer mgt., the PS HALO was perfect for my needs. Treats my PSB Synchrony One B's well, and manages my LE REL as well. Would have been nice to have USB media and streaming WiFi, but you can only fit so much in this chassis. I added a Yamaha WXC-50 optically connected to bring in my Hi Res library and streaming WiFi radio.

- Jack S, CA
Parasound HINT with magnepan 1.7i

I started with a Class D Peachtree Nova 150 Amp to run my new Magnepan 1.7i found the sound quality to be a bit muddy to my ears so I got this Parasound Integrated this is a high current amplifier the Sonic/sound quality made a big difference this Halo amplifier pumps in high current at 4 OHms into the maggies although it does get a bit warm even though I do not play it that loud

- Asghar H, CA

The best component Ive ever owned. Ive owned a $10K amp, $5K pre-amp, $6K digital source, and I dont miss any with my Halo. It delights me every time I listen, and I no longer think about upgrading. It possesses tremendous power with incisive leading edge transients, a warm engaging midrange, and has the ability to allow a natural tube-like decay of acoustical instruments. My Harbeth SHL5 speakers now sing beyond what I thought possible. I would have been very happy just to have it as an integrated, but the DAC, MC phonostage, and headphone amp are all superb. The bass management feature for a subwoofer was a bonus I never considered, but I now enjoy that as well. Im blown away!

- Jerry S, WI
Amazing amp

This amp really has some power, and is very versatile. I utilize it with my Mac as a digital music source and the dac is very resolving and transparent. I finally found a capable , powerful, high end amp that I have been looking for. The guys at Audio Advisor also are a pleasure to work with.

- Timothy S, VA
Just Like Being There

It is amazing how it handles live material - using its amp section for Blu-Ray playback included. I immediately noticed an improved sound quality. Several of my friends have commented excitedly on how good it sounds. The Aux input makes an iPhone sing. Digital MP3s using the USB cord can sound awesome too. I am re-discovering my CD and vinyl collection!

- Tracy A, IN

I have admired the sound of their amps for awhile so when I became ready to ditch the receiver to get back to a quality two channel amp to handle my triton 5s this was a no brainer. The detail and clarity is exceptional and the feature set is almost overkill. This integrated stands out from the pack and well worth the price. Its almost too good to be true.

- Miles S, NY
great sound

Sounds great with my b&w 804n. I hear a lot more details that I didnt hear with a Yamaha AVR. My first unit had a defect and Audio Advisor sent me a replacement right away. Awesome customer service. Thanks!

- Jon H, CA