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Kick Myself For Not Doing This Sooner

My twenty-plus-year-old Superphon preamp finally died last month and I pick up this P5 based on the stellar reviews. My improvement in sound is so stunning I'm in disbelief. Partly because I cant beleive how good my music sounds and partly because I waited to darn long to upgrade! Using with an old Adcom triple-5 amp which is going to be replaced shortly with a Parasound A23.

- Warren Wilson, LA
Perfect Preamp

The sound is exceptional. I mostly use the built in DAC to stream, it is wonderful. Great service and prompt shipping from Audio Advisor. Thanks!

- Bruce F, UT
Excellent Tool

I'd been looking at the P5 for over a year wondering if it would be the right pre-amp for me. About a month ago I decided to give it a go. It's an excellent tool to bring me closer to my music and for that I love it. My music is such an an important aspect of my life that I'm so very critical of the tools I use to present it to me. The P5 has a wonderful clear and detailed sound with all the connectivity I need. I have it feeding two Parasound A23 amps to drive two pairs of speakers {Martln Logan Motion 40s and Motion 15s}. The P5 not only offers every feature I could need but sounds great as well. The bass management features are truly appreciated. This is indeed the swiss army knife of pre-amps and it does all it does so well. A truly tremendous value. Highly recommended!

- Bradford E, MD
Outstanding Value, Outstanding Sound

Purchased the Halo P5 about 8 weeks ago. I relied on a number of positive reviews from a variety of sources. Right out of the box the P5 revealed a level of detail and clarity to familiar CDs not previously experienced. This just continued to intensify for a number of weeks. Placement of instruments and voices in the sound stage came into greater focus. Subtleties of instruments timber were evident in abundance. Wow!

- Mark R, PA
Glad I Did

Was cruising for XLR connections w a 2.1 system when I found this -and AA. Zero noise between tracks or any switching. Nice texture and smoothness to the buttons and knobs. The phono stage is a big plus too. Not hard to admire at this wife pleasing price point. Very happy w this top shelf unit and AA, Thank You!

- Rob R, AL

Its not complicated, gets out of the way and the rlet music shine through with my D-Sonice D class 1200 wpr @ 4ohm If you enjoy hard to drive speakers give this one man shop a listen. Outstanding combo. With the 2.1 channel and my MAggies I love a sub with REL S/5. Thanks Parasound. A pair of monos are next move in D-Sonics line.

- Steven Kaiser, IN
simply amazing!

i had a rather unconventional home stereo setup. 2 amps, 1 fed the monitors, 1 fed the subs. Advance Acoustic preamp, Yamaha eq, Rotel phono stage, Behringer 24/96 dac, and bass eq. the Halo eliminated all 4 pieces plus all that cabling. stubborn as i am, and on a fixed income, it didnt take me long to make the decision to purchase this fine piece of workmanship and quality. couldnt be happier.

Best Electronic Component In My Rack

By far the best pre-amp I’ve ever owned. Measures up to the advertising hyperbole and then some. The P-5’s digital optical in and on-board DAC provide clarity, depth, and detail I didn’t know was in my CD’s. This pre-amp perfectly matches my Ortofon MC cartridge’s impedance. Big difference! Love the sub level controls, and the convenience of the front panel digital input. Now I’m saving up my nickels for the A21.

- Andy R, SC
Back from the dead.

This single component has resurrected my OLD Theta Miles, Music Hall MMF-7, Adcom GFA 2800 and Snell C-Vs to a time Ive missed since my oldest son was born 17 years ago. Ive been listening over the last few days and Im blown away with what Im hearing. And guess what? That 17 year old is too!!! See ya later MP3!

- Ben B, GA
Feature Packed and Good Sound

I got this from Audio Advisor during the initial availability. They were kind enough to lock me in at the intro price, but even at the current price this unit is a bargain. I have ripped all my CDs to a Mac, as well as purchased some High Res files. Playing from the computer through the onboard DAC is a beautiful sounding front end. Then I can go really old school and play vinyl through the phone stage, and that sounds great too. Really good sound and absolutely best in class for its price.

- David B, CT