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Absolutely Clean and Absolutely Musical

Am a long-time vinyl guy who finally stepped up and got this legendary John Curl-designed phono stage. Stright from the box, the JC3+ is dead quiet. I can detect no sound at all at my listening position. I played with the gain settings and the JC3+ sounds absolutely clean regardless of the higher gain settings. It also sounds absolutely musical on every vinyl LP I tried. Starting with the new Mozart Piano Concertos on Reference Mastercuts LP to MIles in Berlin to Beatles Sgt Peppers all sound extraordinary, warm, rich and highly musical. Piano is one of the most difficult instruments for a stereo to reproduce but here the JC3+ excels with the most convincing recreation of Nojima Plays Liszt I have ever heard. The bass on rock favorites Brothers In Arms and Dark Side of the Moon is stupendous. I could to go on, but would rather get back to the music.

- Wilson P, NY
Very Happy with my purchase

Listening for one week now and have tried it with the Lyra Kleos and Hana SH and both sound amazing. Tonally, to my ear, this preamp is spot-on with very good high frequency extension and deep, solid bass. The mid-band is detailed and vocals sound exceptionally realistic. For under $3,000 I think this is as good as you can get especially considering all the options like variable loading, 12v trigger, inverted polarity, balanced outputs, etc. If you are considering this purchase, just buy it and you will be very happy.

- Rob B, TX
Just Upgraded To This

I just upgraded from the PS GCPH to the Parasound and couldn't be happier. Using with a Denon DL103 anniversary edition MC cartridge which I favor for musicality. The Parasound offers a ton of gain, but in my sytem which is all ARC it is completely silent. The quality of the sound is wonderful. The soundstage is deeper and wider than with my GCPH and the presentation is more detailed. Listening to this unit really puts a smile on my face.

- John Y, AL
My Last Phono Preamp

Purchased the JC3+ without hearing it based on reviews in both Stereophile and Absolute Sound. At any rate the jump in sound quality from my Graham Slee phono pre with my Dynavector MC cartridge was amazing but when I then moved to the Ortofon Cadenza Black the transformation was incredible. A good friend with similar level high end system was over for a listening session and he too was astounded at the difference not only the cartridge made but the JC3+ as well. I feel the JC3 is well worth the price and will be the last phono stage I purchase.

- Rogers T, IN
Analogue Nirvana

Received my new Parasound JC 3+ Phono Preamp. It was well packaged and arrived in excellent condition. I've been breaking it in for a couple of weeks. This is an awesome piece of sound equipment. It has taken my VPI classic signature turntable with Sumiko Blackbird MC cartridge to new levels of clarity, dynamics, and separation with a black, silent background. Wonderful sound stage and depth. It is the single biggest improvement in sound I have ever attained from a purchase. It is a great match with my PrimaLuna Preamplifier. A highly recommended component. Well worth the money I spent. Now in analogue nirvana!

V.C. P
Highly Recommended

This phono preamp was beautifully packaged in heavy plastic in its blue velour bag along with two types of 12v trigger cables, a heavy duty power cable, and it's owners manual. This JC3+ is quiet, no sound at all at my listening position with tonearm up until my preamp gain is at -30dB. The JC3+ is absolutely musical with all my vinyls. Coltrane's tenor and Adderley's alto are powerfully positioned left and right and I could taste the reeds in their mouthpieces. Marcus Miller's bass lines on Donald Fagan's The Goodbye Look really defined the song with their power, so much so that I kept waiting for Marcus to come back around. I could hear Les DeMerle moving left and right and left between his drum kit and cymbals on the Harry James cuts. After playing for only a few hours I can already say "Highly Recommended."

- Albert C, AL
Fantastic Value

After owning the JC3 original for about a year - in addition to several other good phono stages - I had a conversation with Parasound's President, Richard Schram at the RMAF show about the improvements to the new model and decided to upgrade. One of the reasons I chose the JC3+ was because it has high quality cartridge loading adjustment to work with many cartridges, unlike the original JC3. I noticed a significant difference when I first turned it on over that of the standard model. As the + began to break in, it just got better and better. The thing is eerily silent. I did an A/B of a $5000.00 phonostage and I actually liked the + better. I think the JC3+ is a fantastic value and a very impressive improvement over the JC3.

- Peter W, FL
John Curl is the man!

I had been using the Moon Audio LP3 with upgrade power supply for nearly a year when I decided to give the Parasound JC3+ a run. Why? you may ask. I kept ready amazing things about its performance and I was very curious to hear what a John Curl-designed phono stage would sound like. First impression was the JC3+ has remarkable bass and soundstage. I'm getting taut, clear, full bass that I didn't know I was missing on many records I've listened to twenty-plus times. Soundstage is wider and deeper with EXTRAORDINARY spacing between instruments. Resolution is superb with lots of air. Its so good I'm finding it impossible to come up with any negatives. Did I mention the thing is dead quiet? Well it is, eerily so. John Curl is the man!

- William H, SC
Highly Recommended

Last year I had the chance to test drive six of the best phono preamps in the $2,000 to $7,000 price range – in no particular order: Manley Chinook, Rogue Ares Magnum, Pass XP-15, Simaudio Moon 610lp, and Parasound JC3+. All were enjoyable in their own way, but as much as I liked the Pass XP-15, and I really liked that one, I ended up buying the JC3+ because for one thing it is just so dead-dead-dead quiet. Music emerges from a velvet-black background. Instruments are clearly suspended in space – sounding natural - neither compressed nor contrived. I can detect no artificial colorations. Most suprising is the speed and slam of the bass. It’s not something I paid much attention to before, but it has captivated me since I plugged in the Parasound. All the improvements were evident with each my favorite MC cartridges – Denon DL301, Lyra Kleos and Sumiko Palos Santos Presentation - although perhaps the bass of the Lyra improved the most. I’ve had the JC3+ for six months now and I still can say this product is Highly Recommended.

- Francisco C, CA

The first thing I noticed about the JC3+ was nothing. I mean no noise. Zero - zip - nada. This thing is so dead quiet I wasn't sure it was even turned on. Dropping the needle I discovered it was on and my vinyl never sounded this good before. In LP after LP after LP I discovered detail, soundstage depth and chilling goose-bump-causing dynamics I never got before. I started my phono stage sojourn a year ago after I acquired the new VPI Classic 3 'table with Sumiko EVOIII cartridge. I started out with an inexpensive Pro-Ject phono pre - then moved up to a Graham Slee which was a huge upgrade but I kept wondering 'how good can this get'? The JC3+ is in another category entirely and I'm not going to look further. Expensive, yes, kind of, but worth it for what it delivers.

- Guy D, WI