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Good Value Combo

The Zpre2, in combination with a Zamp, has been a very good value for my living room streaming and CD set up. The solid build gives high confidence in its reliability, and it was a surprising upgrade in sound from my old legacy system.

- Paul C, CA
Clean and Powerful

I bought he Zamp in addition to the Zpre and Zdac for 2 modest desktop speakers sitting on my desk. I listen to FLAC files and stream Raphsody from my laptop. This amp is simply pure,clean power. It elevated my humble Athena AS-B1 speakers into high end sound. The center stage is so locked in I had to double check to make sure my PC speakers weren't on and while the speakers don't completely disappear in my nearfiend setop the soundstage extends well beyond the speakers. I never knew how good these speakers could sound in my previous set up using a receiver. I would recommend this amp for anyone wanting a high end system of audiophile separates. They may look small but they sound BIG!

- James B, OR

I have a two of these Zamps. One powering a pair of Energy tower speakers and another powering a pair of in ceiling speakers in the kitchen. It is a very good sounding amp. I originally upgraded from a "100 Watt" Onkyo receiver. This amp blows it away. If you consider the fact that it is only about 9" wide it is truly amazing. This amp is not a "basic" amp with standard components and design. It is a completely discrete design with expensive high end output transistors. I highly recommend this amp to anyone who wants a great sounding amp in a small package. Parasound makes a whole bunch of components in this line in black.

- XM, GA