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Great Amp. Small Package.

Recommended. Great Sound. This amp is very convenient because of the small size and its automatic on-off based on input. I have it set up with the Audioengine B1 bluetooth receiver and could not be happier with the sound.

- Shawn M, GA
Excellent Amps

I am enjoying two versions of this amp - the version 2 and the new version 3. Both amps exceed their power and distortion specification and produce a good stereo image with good depth and detail. I used to build my own amps as a hobby but have stopped making my own because these are better and cheaper than what I can build. The sound is open without harshness. In comparison to my higher end tube and solid state amps, there is a bit less air and openness but that said, these are excellent amps where budget and space are a bit limited. The part and build quality is good, better than mass market products but not high end. Recommended without hesitation.

- Pierson T, TX
Highly recommended

Just over one month ago, I swapped out my older NAD amp for this Parasound Zamp, primarily due to not needing a preamp or fm tuner anymore, and liking the more compact Zamp size. I was surprised, and very happy, to find that the Zamp also gave a remarkable improvement in sound quality. I didn't expect that -- NAD is considered a good budget- audiophile brand -- but the Zamp sounds much better. The best analogy I can think of is that after cleaning your windows when you're surprised at how much more light and detail comes in, even though they didn't *look* dirty before. The music just sounds much more three-dimensional, and live, and clear. The unit runs cooler than the NAD, and with the auto-on feature, I'm saving electricity, and the compact size is really great, which is what I wanted in the first place, but the best thing is the unexpected and much improved sound. Highly recommended.

- James B.D., IN
Live Concert Sound

Powering my Paradigm Studio 20s with Peachtree DACiT and it sounds far better than my Yamaha RXV6500 receiver ever did. Music sounds more real, live, detailed, loads more bass which is very accurate and controlled. I'm enjoying a live concert every night!

James B
Yes, I Would Recommend

I bought the Parasound Series - ZAmp plus ZPre plus ZDac - for a mid-priced desktop system. I listen mainly to FLAC files and stream Raphsody from my laptop. This amp offers pure, clean power and has elevated my favorite Athena AS-B1 speakers to high end sound. The center stage is so locked in I had to double check to make sure my PC speakers weren't on and the soundstage extends well beyond the speakers. I never knew how good these Athena speakers could sound in my previous set up using a Sony receiver. I would recommend this amp for anyone wanting a high end system of audiophile separates. They may look small but they sound BIG!

- Mac V, PA
Great Budget Audiophile Amp

I have owned the Zamp for over a year now and just bought another Parasound amp which has prompted me to leave this feedback. I orginally bought this amp for a pair of old bookshelf speakers in the kitchen and wasn't expecting much in the way of good sound. After connecting, the first thing I noticed was unbeleiveable bass. DRAMATICALLY better than the Music Hall A25.2 amp I had been using. Then I noticed the warm mids and smooth highs. It made my A25.2 amp sound like a cheap receiver. Sound was so good I ended up using the Parasound in the main system in the den and putting the Music Hall amp in the kitchen. Now, one year later, I purchased the Parsound 2125 for the main system - also a really fine sounding amp, BTW - and moved the Zamp over into the kitchen. The Music Hall has gone into retirement. Once again, the improvement in the kitchen has been shocking in the bass, treble, and everything. I'd say the Zamp is a great buy for any small to medium-sized room with more than enough power for anything but the largest tower speakers.

- Samuel P, MN

I have a two of these Zamps. One powering a pair of Energy tower speakers and another powering a pair of in ceiling speakers in the kitchen. It is a very good sounding amp. I originally upgraded from a "100 Watt" Onkyo receiver. This amp blows it away. If you consider the fact that it is only about 9" wide it is truly amazing. This amp is not a "basic" amp with standard components and design. It is a completely discrete design with expensive high end output transistors. I highly recommend this amp to anyone who wants a great sounding amp in a small package. Parasound makes a whole bunch of components in this line in black.

Great Sound

Coupled to Parasound Zpre2. This dynamic duo is moving two Monitor Audio speakers effortlessly, and with a lot of thrilling. Enjoying again The Sandpipers' Guantanamera and all the rest of my music!

- Joe R, INT
Z-Rack system

I purchased the Z-Rack several months ago, including the Z-Pre, Amp, tuner, phono stage and fan. Along with it, I also got the Rega RP3 +Elys and run everything through new KEF bookshelf speakers in an attic office 11 x 14. I like everything about this system! After 2 or 3 days, everything really broke in, the sound is fantastic and the components are very easy to use. I listen mainly to vinyl classic rock, jazz and some classical. Theres nothing that doesnt sound great, from moderately loud Miles Davis to louder Floyd or Zep or Howlin Wolf. And the footprint of this system is nice and compact. You could fit it on a bookshelf. Both AA and Parasound were were very available and easy to work with. My only complaint is that the fan is a bit loud. I dont run it unless Im listening at a certain volume. I would certainly purchase this system again if I had to do it all over!

- Al T, PA
Really, so much from something so little?

I bought the Parasound zamp V.3 along with an Audioengine D-1 usb DAC to power a 2.1 system, and I have been in heaven. I have passive monitors with a power sub, and the Zamp made my life so easy with the RCA loop outs low level to the sub. I first kept the sub out to better audition the Zamp, and WOW! I didnt know what my monitors could do, I do now. Smooth, articulate, with plently of power, I have yet to hear any strain and I have had it loud. I love the ability to set each channels gain, which led to a tightly focused image. They say a poperly set up sub should only be noticed when you turn it off, which i agree with, the Zamp helped make the intergration between the monitors and sub even smoother thanks to its ability to get everything out of the monitors. I have been very happy with the sounds coming from this system, and the Zamp is a big reason why.

- Douglas B, CA
Absolutely amazing

I bought this amp as a temporary replacement for my $3000 255-watt Musical Fidelity stereo amp, only to find that this cool little Parasound Zamp v.3 sounds remarkably better in all areas including punch, clarity, openness, and that ever-elusive but wonderful quality of musicality. At all volumes, including at low volumes for late-night listening, this amp sounds just fantastic and never fails to satisfy - this little amp is the best purchase Ive made in years! Also, I really love the music auto-sense circuit, which we use every day. The level controls on the back are also extremely useful and transparent to the music. There is no hum/buzz from the amp internals or through my speakers, at all volumes - and the amp runs cool even after working for hours. Its size is perfect for integrating into virtually any modern hifi system. I actually like this Zamp v.3 better than the Halo amps, which are excellent as well. Well done Parasound!

- Thomas S, OR

My system is clearly beyond the expected results I thought I would get with the v.3. The system started out as a serious reference system. As the years evolved, I realized I was content to listen to mp3 320 kbps and began to simplify the system. The v.3 is driven by an Airport Extreme to an Airport Express via ethernet, optical out to a Beresford TC-7510 DAC to a FT Audio Little Wonder to the v.3. The prior amp was a Music Reference RM-9 which one would think is quite a step backwards in terms of performance. Speakers are SD Acoustics SD3s which are extremely revealing though not for everyone as they are lean, as is the Little Wonder my preference. When I first started using the amp it was, as expected, awful. After an hour it started to sound ok to good. Its been running for about 20 hours now and the sound is unbelievable for an amp costing $350. Its not yet? the texture, fluidity and pure joy that the RM-9 tube amp produced but, it is very good. Better than a host of amps I can think of that cost well over $2,000. Ive now plugged a $3,000 cd player destined for eBay back in and played some well produced cds. The sound can be described as full, good to excellent soundstage, well balanced, and delicate. For me, that is saying a lot. Compared to the RM-9 its not quite as smooth at the high end but Krells arent either, this may resolve itself with further burn-in. The SD Acoustics are murder in this area so I imagine most people wont notice whats not there. Very highly recommended. I think this amp is amazing.

- Ray R, FL
Fantastic sound

Bought this initially for its extremely compact size and restrained design. Sound quality, however, turned out to be excellent -- better than the larger, audiophile amp I had before, giving a better soundstage and better clarity into the music.

- Robert F, CA
These do not cost enough!!!!!

There is nothing wrong with these amps except for the price! It is far too low and does not begin to reflect the quality of the product or the sonic purity. Seriously, I love these paired with the Zpre... A great small office or zone setup! Probably the finest value for any setup at two to three times the price.

- Vic W, VA
PARASOUND killer ROCKS classic, jazz, world,... MY I&I MUSIC

I have a home office setup that consists of a Mac Mini with an external Terabyte of AAC 320 music library -- optically connected to a mid range DAC which spits its output into a PARASOUND Zpre and from there two Zamps. The sound stage and sonic quality is PHENOMENAL for the size and cost! I can also optionally shape the sound with a Behringer Ultra Curve Pro and Gemenni 2-3 way crossover -- but frankly I hardly ever use those given how sweet the PARASOUND sounds.

- Vic W, VA
killer amp

Ive always been a tube guy, but this guy has me re-thinking my bias.... pun intended! It actually equals, and in some areas, beats the overall sonics of my SET amps....and, at a fraction of the cost!

- Gerry D, VA
Uncolored Euphoria

This amp by parasound is a dream. It produces unbelievably open and airy sound!

- steve v, PA