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Parasound Zpre-2 preamp review

I chose this unit as a part of a mini stereo stereo system I made up . I also chose the Zamp V.3 for the power amp. Nothing mini about the sound it is excellent. I am using NHT superzero 2.1 mini monitor speakers which also produce excellent high and low frequencies. I got the components as demo stock and they are just like new. Thanks to Audio Advisor for another excellent offer. Thought you might like to know l purchased a Cambridge Audio Azur 340A integrated amp I have had in use for 12 years still excellent. I replaced the speaker relay last year for less than ten dollars. Thanks again.

- Robert W, PA

Recommended. Using this preamp with the matching Parasound Zamp - also an outstanding value - for music streaming and also CD listening. High quality build gives me high confidence for its reliability. Sound wise, it was a big step up from my old amp and preamp which cost me far more twenty years ago. Things are getting better - go figure.

- Darby S, NH
Everything I Love

Someone designed a preamp with me in mind. It is everything I love in the best of solid state. Neutral presentation with a touch of softness that relaxes listening to low quality, one of a kind Mp3s I have and is forgiving to pop recordings with things left to be desired from the production side while being crystal clear and fully detailed with the best of sources.

- Rick S, DE
Definitely An IMprovement

I just retired my old Hafler preamp after three decades of providing me with great music. I purchased this one after great deal of research. I am extremely happy with my purchase and would say that it is far better than my just retired Hafler. It's quieter, cleaner and more precise. I definitely recommend to any one who is looking for a music reoroduction with any any coloration.

- Callahan R, KY
Exceeds my Expectations

My Zpre2 exhibits no audible AC hum or any other extraneous noise. In fact it is the best sounding preamp that I have ever used with the same Dynaudio speakers and Musical Fidelity amplifier which I have owned for well over a dozen years--the Zpre2 is quite handily outperforming previously owned 3 tube preamps and 2 solid state preamps. I might add that the headphone amp is very detailed and natural sounding; the motor initiated remote volume control allows for very easy and precise adjustment; and the bass/treble adjustment is subtle yet effective. The Zpre2 exceeds my expectations.

- Seth k, DC

Great little pre-amp, has more output than my passive pre and appears to be well built. The size fits nicely in my system and was good value for money.

- Rich V, FL
Surprising Upgrade

The Zpre2, in combination with a Zamp, has been a very good value for my living room streaming and CD set up. The solid build gives high confidence in its reliability, and it was a surprising upgrade in sound from my old legacy system.

- James B, KY
Good Buy

OK, this preamp is very quiet, has switching for 4 inputs and most importantly is very small in size. The build quality is appropriate for the price and the sound quality is very transparent with good inner detail and imaging. no complaints.

- Duane J, SC
Z-Rack system

I purchased the Z-Rack several months ago, including the Z-Pre, Amp, tuner, phono stage and fan. Along with it, I also got the Rega RP3 +Elys and run everything through new KEF bookshelf speakers in an attic office 11 x 14. I like everything about this system! After 2 or 3 days, everything really broke in, the sound is fantastic and the components are very easy to use. I listen mainly to vinyl classic rock, jazz and some classical. Theres nothing that doesnt sound great, from moderately loud Miles Davis to louder Floyd or Zep or Howlin Wolf. And the footprint of this system is nice and compact. You could fit it on a bookshelf. Both AA and Parasound were were very available and easy to work with. My only complaint is that the fan is a bit loud. I dont run it unless Im listening at a certain volume. I would certainly purchase this system again if I had to do it all over!

- Al T, PA

A great product for the price, but the volume control really has poor channel matching at lower levels ~ -40db...poor. You need to like the sound of the NE5532 op amp and electrolytic coupling capacitors to really like it though. BUT for $350....a good deal.

- Phil W, MD
Pure Clean and Simple

This preamp along with its matching amp by parasound produces the most open, airy sound i have ever heard in this price range. I use the two pieces with a set of tannoy towers and the sound is mesmerizing!

- steve v, PA