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Under Priced!

Just replaced a ten-year-old Adcom preamp with this unit and It's made a huge improvement regarding the sound coming form my Eminent Technology LFT speakers. Voices are exceptionally clear, string instruments are silky without being forward. The midrange is robust and the imaging, front to back and left to right is excellent. This preamp is underpriced in my opinion. If you ever thought that your electronics don't make a difference in the sound of your speakers, please think again.

- Zac M, NE
Yes, Love It

My brother-in-law talked me into buying this pre. Best recommendation he's made since he told me to marry his sister. Anyway, all of my audio equipment, including my cherished tube power amp, sounds much better since I installed this great little preamp. There's more air and detail in everything from my 192/24 flac downloads to my LPs - and even my old CDs. It has just the right number of inputs and controls I want on the front panel. What's not to like?

Great Little Preamp

Fantastic stereo preamp! I am happy with this purchase. Quality good looking - great sounding unit. Well worth the cents I paid.

Randall J
Good Sound At A Great Price

The ZPREV3 is a nice pre amp that does exactly what i needed it to do. sounds great just like my other high quality stereo stuff but is more compact and half the price I'm used to paying for quality high-end gear.

- Franklin J, NJ
Bought This For My Second System, But ...

I bought this little pre for my second system in my home office however it sounds so good I'm thinking of trying it in my main system with my Vandersteen speakers, tubes amp and all. Love the front panel analog input! I plug in my Samsung phone and iPod and I'm ready to go. The headphone amp is surprisingly good for a built-in. Using with AudioEngine A5 speakers and it's a killer-sounding combo!

- Adam P, KS
Compact work of art

The Zpre3 is an astounding work of art. It is beautiful, very well made and has an absolutely transparent sound. In addition, it is very compact and will fit on any book case or shelf. I purcahased the unit to replace an NAD pre in my TV room that had had its day. The Zpre goes to a Parasound amp, to small Energy spaekers and an Energy sub woofer. This system challenges my high-end NAD-Energy system in my living room. To sum up, I am very happy with the Zpre3.

- Ron M, FL