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Amazing Cable

Im very pleased with this cable. I purchased two, one for my Emotiva pre-amp and the other one for my SVS subwoofer.

- Mark, TX
The Amazing Pangea 14SE MKII

The original power cable that came with my headphone amp was the typical no-name black cord. It supplied power to the unit and quite frankly, the sound quality was dull and very congested. I then switched it out with the Pangea 14SE MKII and wow! The sound had depth, clarity and separation. I was so impressed that I purchased another one for my DAC

- Anjolie L, CA
Very Impressed

Excellent cable! Very impressed. Makes a noticeable sonic improvement to my cd and Blu-ray players. Not snake oil at all. A bargain.

- Dayton P, WV
Great product....even better price

Now I've played around with audio gear for decades. I have a decent two channel rig consisting of Bel Canto mono's and preamp. I have AC14SE's for these pieces including my Oppo BD 105. I'm not going to get into the colorful metaphors on how I define my sound as nothing but stellar, but I will say no matter how much you blow....I mean invest in your rig, whether two channel or multi, give these cables a try. You'll find that they sound pretty dam good for the buck! I just ordered a set of 14SE's for my Golden Ear Triton 2's and I'm really excited to try the AC9 non SE 20amp cord on my Hydra 8. So far listening through a Shunyata Taipan between the wall and the Hydra. If I like the AC9, then I will give back the Taipan that I borrowed from my friend.

- Aram G, CA
Hard to believe the improvement

I found the improvement in sound from these cables is hard to believe. I liked the first one so much that I bought three more for my other systems!! have also purchased Pangea source component cables, speaker cables and interconnects, all highly recommended. While I have a limited budget, I have been an audiophile for almost forty years. Before you spend a fortune on new gear, give these cables a try first. You will not be disappointed.

- Howard R, CT
Price/Value Combination is Ridiculaous

I am an audio nut but on an actual budget. I want things that will improve sound, not just look neat with a big brand name. I bought these power cables because they were in a reasonable budget as a replacement for the 14ga power cables that came with my American-made tube amps. All I expected was a good fit to my amp and power strip. I did not expect the much broader power and definition at the mid and high freq levels. I am listening as I am writing and this is balls-on impressive. I also have one of these cables on a Crown subwoofer amp going into two custom 15" subwoofers. The bass sound is much cleaner, distinct. Crazy. I WAS a big believer that an electron does care about thef electric cable, but NOT anymore. I can't explain it. The price/value combination is ridiculous for this type of improvement not to do it. Why can't I give this cable six stars?

- Rick T, MT
Wonderful Investment

Produced a notable improvement on my audio system. I am running a simple system with a turntable, phono preamp and powered speakers. With the stock power cable there was an annoying audible hum on the lines. With this cable silencio ..... No hum. Wonderful investment. Great quality. Beautiful sonic improvement

- T.T., OH

I started with just one of these on my preamp then soon upgraded my CD Player and phono stage. A quality shielded cable with high purity copper. These are a good improvement over the plastic coated wire zip cord cables that come with most stereo component and the price is very reasonable as well. Yes, Recommended

- Vince O, ID
Am VERY Pleased

I am VERY pleased with the 14SE MKII power cable. It replaced the stock cable on my older Arcam CD player and it yielded a nice improvement in detail and openness. The bass is also a bit more articulate and natural. One of my test tracks was "Poor Boy" by Michael Ruff, a great recording from Sheffield Lab. I am going to order more of these cables for my preamp and phono stage next.

- Jason N, ON
Highly recommended

Wow! My high frequencies are now so natural and are so real. It's hard to believe this $49 cable could make this big a difference on my system. Order now or you will never know how good your equipment can sound. Needless to say - highly recommended

- Simon, DDS, FL
Notable IMprovement over AC14

This was an amazing cable upgrade. I started out with a $29 Pangea AC14 on my preamp then tried the 14SE MkII just for kicks and heard a notable improvement in sound. Just love it! Terrific bargain, too. Buy without hesitation.

- Charles L, IN
Vastly Improved Imaging and sound on Blu-ray discs

Replaced my Oppo power cord. Imaging was vastly improved and better fidelity on my Blue Ray CDs.

- P.S., AR
Best Upgrade - Ever!

Best upgrade I made for my stereo system. Let's my power hungry amp deliver better bass and midrange. Opened the soundstage for me. Never imagined a power cord could do this. Will buy another for my preamp.

- Don, MO
Excellent power cable.

Very smooth sounding power cord for my cd transport with great soundstage and improved dynamics. I actually prefer the sound of this to several cables I have tried in the 200 dollar range. Very happy.

- Joe O, IL
Getting better and better

I am submitting another review for the AC 14 SE MKii's because I've had a chance to have it in my system for several weeks, enough time for sufficient burn in.  The Pangeas have settled in very nicely.  I went and plugged in my former setup, which was a generic 14 gauge into the tube gain stage and a 12 gauge from another cable company into the CD player, for reference to compare to the Pangeas.  The Pangeas are definitely more relaxed and effortless.  In the old setup, the midrange sounded suppressed and farther back in the stage, as well as lacking some lower body.  The midrange on the Pangeas are fuller, more relaxed, more forward in the stage joining the rest of the music, and more effortless.  It doesn't keep me wanting for more.  The bass is still more present, and the treble continues to be sweeter sounding, compared to my former setup.  I'm giving this an enthusiastic 5 stars!

Simon C
Pangea Audio AC 14SE MKII Signature Power Cable

I started with a 12 gauge cable from a well known to budget audiophiles company on my CD player, and a 14 gauge generic power cord on my tube gain stage. I put the Pangea AC 14 SE mkII into the tube gain stage first. I immediately noticed an improvement in the treble in that it is now more extended but more relaxed and sweeter sounding. Treble detail was smoother and more present. There seems to be more "body" to the treble. I noticed this on a tambourine on an admittedly less than stellar recording when before it sounded more like clinking chains, and now the ring of the cymbals on the tambourine is more like what real tambourines should sound like and has a "fuller" sound. The best metaphor I can think of to describe the treble is that of putting stones through a metal tube compared to grinding the stones up into sand and putting it through the same tube. Same stone material, same tube, but much smoother sounding. Anyway, this may be hyperbole, but only to make a point. Also, the bass is now more prodigious, and sounds closer to bass drums kicking in the room. The midrange did not change much in that it isn't more forward or blooming into the room, but it appears more solid, likely because the bass and mid-bass enables this. I put the other Pangea AC 14SE mkII into the CD player. Same results. Your mileage may vary, but it's worth a try. There is nothing to lose except maybe return shipping if you don't like it. I gave it four stars because I was hoping for the midrange to gain a littler more presence, but I've only had the cable for several days so maybe this will improve in time.

Simon C
Don't lick a gift horse in the mouth

I run a modest set up; a 140wpc 2ch driven AVR, two 300wpc stereo amps, a 200wpc 3ch amp, a BRP and a CDP. With 9 speakers and 2 subwoofers, to say I have a lot of cables is an understatement. In my rig, high quality doesn't have to mean high dollar. That's why all of my power cables are Pangea! The 14SE MKII powers the BRP and CDP. The AC9SE and the AC9 powers the amps and AVR. Choosing these cables for my set up is a "no brainer". The build quality is there, the quality components are there and if you're not making these cables yourself, the price is what caps these cables as a 5 STAR winner. Recommended!

- Geoffrey L, WA
Nothing is perfect....BUT

This is my third Power Cable I have bought and I must say I do like the quality of these cables. My system is not the latest and greatest most of my gear is from the 70 and 80 time frame and as I have told folks for years Better cables are the cheapest and greatest upgrade one can do. Yes the price of some cables are up there but one has to decide where the line is and for my money the line is doing great here!!! Have fun and always enjoy the sound....

- Tony D, FL
Power Cable Upgrage

This power cable made an improvement in removing some of the digital glare from my Threshold preampflier. When I tried it on my Emotiva receiver I noticed where it really shined. The music flowed out of my speakers without any restrictions. There also some of the digital grunge was removed along with greater sense of clarity. Build quality is very good.

- Mark L, WI
Quite excellent for the price

This really is a nice power cord. It posses a very pleasing, warm tonality and a perfect perspective - not forward, not laid back. I actually found it more neutral than the huge AC9, which is a little too laid back and relaxed. But the 14 does a lot of things very well. It is very refined, providing a lovely, singing sweetness and airiness to orchestral strings and a full-bodied, yet never strident sound to the brass. Its detailed too, more so than the AC9. I give it 4 stars because only in the bass does it not quite match the big boys. It is a bit thuddy, rather than truly deep, and does not quite pack the wallop down there that others do. But mercifully it doesnt boom either! Compared to much more expensive cords, like the Cardas Golden it replaced in my system, this little guy is a giant killer. I actually would love to hear its more expensive upgrade, wondering if it would improve the deep bass response. But at double the price, Im hesitant.

- David R, CO
Good cable, good value

Bought this to replace the stock power cord on my HiFiMan EF 100 headphone amp. The Pangea was impressive just to look at, but I am pleased that it also made a significant difference in the sound of the amp, specifically in the lack of background noise and increase in detail. Ive always been a bit skeptical of upgrading power cords, but I have to say this has convinced me. A definite high-value improvement for a relatively low cost.

Great Performing Cable....but

I really hate to give this cable three stars. It is truly impressive. I am using it to power my tube preamp. Though it only has about 25 hours of burn-in the cable performs as well as the $500+ borrowed cable it will be replacing. It has a nice tight bass and the highs have a good sparkle. Im sure in time the midrange will round out as well. It has a great price too! So why only three stars you ask? Quality control. The cable came to me with a small melt spot on the nylon case as if it had been touched by a hot soldering iron. I should have returned it, Im sure AA would have replaced it, but that would have cost me shipping. I decided it wasnt worth it since the blemish has no effect on performance. Just the chance one takes buying on-line.

- John W, IL

I have been an audio head since birth the love of music and great sound is a true joy to me, and being that I am not rich I have to find gear that is within my price range. So when I saw that this cable was on sale I made the jump and I must say that I have noticed an improvement in my system. Most of my gear is atleast 30 years old and to notice an improvement is a true joy to me. I have told others for years that the cheapest update to a good system is new cables and I have done that over the years and yes good cables made from great materials does make a difference.

- Tony D, FL
Incredible is an understatement...

The power cable came in sooner than I expected. I immediately replaced the factory power cord on my Pioneer Kuro Plasma PDP. I was blown away with the picture quality. The blacks were blacker. The picture detail is incredible. I was not expecting such a positive dramatic improvement this quick. Kaan/Audio Advisor said I would see a remarkable difference. I did indeed. Pangea Audio has hit a home run on these power cords. Kaan/Audio Advisor- Thanks again for your advice.

Oppo loves Pangea

audio & home theater have been a hobby of mine dating back 30 years..ive always been told that OPPO universal players need optimal current AC so when i replaced the STOCK power cord with the PANGEA power cable i was Amazed how the player PERFORMED & OPERATED !!! still wondering why OPPO supplies a power cord at all ?? Thanks Pangea & Audio Advisor...

Leo B
Amazing bargain!

Switching from the stock cord to the Pangea Signature Power Cable was a major upgrade, like getting a new component. I invested in one for each component in my system. Try it for yourself, arguably the best bargain in cabling.

- Tom W, NY
Giant Killer? May be!!!!!!!!!

Got the wire yesterday, immediately plugged it in, replacing my usual Cardas Quadlink. The Pangea supposedly uses Cardas copper, so comparison was inevitable. The wire is perhaps too new in the system? Perhaps, but certain things are already set. Immediately, we sensed that the bass is more potent, firmer than the Cardas the Cardas is already well broken in, as it is couple of years old. Imaging, spaciousness.... are all there. Over the long haul, will it change? I dont think so for too much. One thing that doesnt make it a giant killer, methink, is that tonality Cardas still has a leg up on the Pangea. Somehow, the Cardas wire renders the tonality of the music more organic, or musical, however you call it. The mids with the Cardas Quadlink are more to my liking this may change over time with the Pangea?. For the mere $50, 1/4 to 1/3 the Cardas cost, its a great value. But for the tonality, itd be my new favorite.

- Shek M, NY