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Makes me want to listen for hours on end

I bought this cable to compare against with two other competing cables I already own and was surprised for the first time ever at the impact of power cables on fine audio equipment. Tone, speed, soundstage, depth and detail were drastically affected. On my system and in my room, the MkII SE's tone is definitely biased on the warm side - which I love BTW. Detail, soundstage, and presence are excellent and very well articulated. Compared to the other two cables I was comparing, this one was more accurate and authentic. I think the the word "intimate" describes it best. I especially love that they are suited for most any type of music. My reference tracks include jazz - vocal and instrumental - classic rock, symphonic, and a bit of R&B. This is a cable that lets the virtues of the system shine through and you want to listen for hours on end.

- Brian S, CO
Don't be fooled by the low cost

I am fortunate enough to spend what I need to on my audio. I love my music and listen wherever I go - including in surgery. I own a collection of high-end gear including Wilsons, Krell, Rowland, DCS, and McIntosh tube gear. I also have many different of high-end cables like MIT, Transparent, and Nordost - although I haven't purchased power cords in a couple of years. It sounds like I'm just blowing my horn, but I am trying to make a point. After reading about these Pangea power cables for years in the Audio Advisor magazine and decided to give them a try. They are less expensive than what I usually spend on cables. After I received them I was amazed at their quality for the price. These are very rugged, heavy duty cables with excellent quality connectors. These are better made than some of the $1,000 power cables I own - I think I paid $1600 for just one power cable that I'm too embarrassed to name. They also look professionally made while a couple of my other high-end power cables look hand-made. How do they perform? They excell in bass power, speed and definition - especially on my Wilsons. Like others have reported, I find the mids a little on the warm side. Another surprise was in the treble range where the clarity and extension is superb. I'm hearing things in recordings I never noticed before and that's what has become my definition of the term "upgrade." These are the best power cables I currently own. My point: If you own an expensive audio system, give these cables a try before spending a lot more. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

- Dr Rayan, TX
Impressive Upgrade

This thing is thicker than a garden hose yet it's surprisingly flexible. I'm using it with my headphone amp and heard an immediate difference - more depth, less noise, and greater clarity. I've a very impressive upgrade. I also upgraded to Pangea USB cables and couldn't be happier.

- William S, NJ
Good For More Than Amps

The AC-9s were designed for high current amplifiers and are essential for those, but they make every component I own sound better. These are the best power cords I have ever tried.

- Buzz N, NC
Very Good results

I'm using this heavy duty cord between my power conditioner and the wall outlet - which I also recently upgraded to Pangea SE. This is the best power cord I have heard. Period. I had a Pangea AC-9 in the same connection but moved that one over to my amp. Noticeable improvement on both my audio and video performance.

- Marco L, FL
Great on my system

These are great cables for amplifiers. The improvement i heard on bass extension and definition is not subtle on my BelCanto REF1000 amp. My THIEL 3.7 speakers sound better with cleaner bass notes. I agree with another review I read not to order these cables too short - they are very heavy beasts. Highly recommended imho.

- Andy, NJ
Ultimate cable comes to mind

I purchased the 1.5M version of this cable along with two other competing cables from other stores. Which one won? Let me just say I returned the other two cables from highly regarded brands. I was surprised at the impact of power cables on fine audio equipment. Tone, speed, soundstage, depth, and detail are drastically affected. THese cables seem to be biased on the warm side. Detail, soundstage, and presence are excellent and very well articulated. Compared to the two other cables I tried, this one was more accurate and authentic - the word 'ultimate' comes to mind. They are well suited to any type of music - my reference music includes jazz, contemporary, classic rock and symphonic. This is a cable you immediately gravitate to and want to listen to for hours on end.

- MS, SC
Awesome Cable

Against my better judgment I ponied up $600 for four of these cords. Two to power the bass ICE amps in my Whisper XDs and two to power my black beauty Carver tube 305m amps. The increase in bass read on the SPL meter +6 db over the stock lamp cords. Amazing increase in bass to where I had to readjust all my gain levels. Anyone who is a non believer is welcome to come to Allentown PA and hear for themselves with and without.

- Jeff Z, PA
One Super Power Cord..

I've tried power cords from some of the best manufacturers out there. This includes the well received Power Snake cords , Cobra ,Black Mamba , viper . The AC 9mkll se is there most musical sounding of all . After 20 years of over priced , over rated cords I'm done..

- Mario, WI
So Much Improvement For Few Bucks

As soon as I connected the Pangea AC 9 to my power amp, improvements in bass impact, clarity and space started to emerge. It is like I own a different and better audio gear. It quickly outperformed a very good power cable I own and all this for a fraction of the cost of my old cable. This power cord is unbeatable at this price point.. I encourage you to try it... You won't be disappointed!

The perfect addition to my 2ch set up!

I've always loved music, who doesn't? As I've been putting my 2ch rig together over the years, I've come to realize how important the right cable can be. Interference is no good when you're trying to relax and listen to your choice of tunage! Not only is the AC 9SE MKII toting quality materials, it's triple shielded as well. My music is clean, detailed and sounds fantastic!!! Recommended!

- Geoffrey L, WA
Hate this cable!

Changed my system from transparent to non-existent! People wonder where the sound is coming from, because it certainly doesnt seem to be coming from the speakers! If I knew this two years ago, I wouldnt have spent all the time and money on the more expensive stuff.

- John V, AZ
Pangea Audio AC 9SE MKII Signature Power Cable

I think its one of the best cable I have ever heard. The voices are so definited. The sound is very cool. In syntesis the ratio quality/price is very high. I recommend it. Truly.

Worth every penny!

I ordered the 2-meter version of the AC 9SE MkII simply because I needed a longer cable between the wall and my Furman Elite 15PFi power conditioner, replacing a rather expensive older cable from a very-highly-regarded company that sells a number of power-related products. There was already an earlier version of the AC 9SE between the power conditioner and my amp. So frankly, I wasnt expecting too much when I plugged it in and fired up my system. Wrong! I had to listen to a couple of different recordings to reassure myself that the improvement was real, because it was so unexpected and so significant. The sound stage is broader and wider. The depth and breadth of Roger Waters Amused to Death is more defined and definitely more detailed. Shelby Lynnes Just a Little Lovin sounds more spectacular than ever. I cant wait to listen to the rest of my library to hear what Ive been missing.

- Wil W, VA