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Breathtaking Cable

Premier XL is breathtaking. I don’t know any other way to put it. Recorded music doesn’t just sound live. It sounds alive. Highly recommended and well worth the money.

- Morgan, IL
Very Happy

While I was still breaking in the Premier XL cable my friend invited me over to hear his new Schiit Yggdrasil dac. He also told me he had scored an expensive Nordost Tyr digital cable on audiogon.com for $200. I decided to bring the Premier XL along but not tell him how much it cost. We went back and forth between the two cables for a while and the sound was very close. I thought the Premier was a bit more transparent but my friend thought the Tyr was a tad warmer. When I told him he was surprised by what I paid for the Premier cable. He’s used to paying a lot for audiophile cables and I’m not. Petteri Livonen’s ‘Art of the Violin’ Violin Sonata in G Minor finally decided it for me. I’ve listen to this album at least a hundred times and the Premier was more transparent and musically involving. Very happy with this purchase.

- Ahmed M, IL