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A giant killer of a product

After a couple of days of break-in the Premier XL really blossomed out in my headphone mainly CD system, consisting of an Ayon Audio player, Schiit Yggdrasil DAC, Woo Audio WA-6SE headphone amplifier and Sennheiser HD800S headphones. I was comparing the Pangea Audio Premier XL with a very expensive cable, the $1400 Shunyata Anaconda, and also with a Cardas Clear. The Pangea Audio easily beat out both the almost nine times as expensive Shunyata and the Cardas. In comparison, the Premier XL has much better transparency and high frequency extension, and as part of this it removes a fine layer of smearing or "grundge" that was obscuring instrumental images. Depth and width of soundstage were also improved.

- Don M, CA
Impressed by the improvement

I have owned AudioQuest Cinnamon two years now and the cable made a big difference compared to the Monster cable it replaced. Yet the cinnamon was meant to be an interim cable until I found something even better. Longer term, I couldnt see myself using a $60 cable on a $3,000 dac. Well my hi-res digital music collection has been growing so I decided it was time to upgrade my digital cable. I considered the Audioquest Carbon and Nordost Blue Heaven, but then read about the Pagnea Premier digital. The four separate shields and Cardas copper peaked my interest. The discussion about low-mass beryllium copper and direct-gold-plated tellurium copper intrigued me. I bought the Premier XL digital and, after a 24-hour break-in the best way to describe the sonic effect is that it was like removing a fog or haze from performances. The sound is clearer and images are sharper - more life-like. Vocals are especially vivid - more like having Diane Krall in my room. I am impressed with this cable and thrilled that I only had to spend $150 to get this much improvement.

Sigma J
Friends think I'm crazy

My friends think I'm crazy for spending $150 on this digital cable but after trying it I find I am addicted to the sound. It must strip away digital artifacts I didn't know were there because I can heard details I never noticed before on songs I've listened to a hundred times. There's even improvement with Tidal streaming music. Maybe I am crazy but at least I'm happy.

- Han Z, LA
Now Sounding Even Better

Two weeks in now and my highest res music files are sounding more relaxed and images more 'present' in my listening room. After a twenty-four hour burn in the XL was sounding highly detailed with bass superior to the Audioquest Carbon digital I was using before. After a longer burn in images became more transparent especially through the mid-band. Treble is airy, extended and beautiful. This is the best digital coax I've heard so far. Before this one I used a Nordost Blue Heaven and two different Audioquest cables - Cinnamon and Carbon. Using with my Aurender N100H 4TB and Bryston BDA3 DAC.

- Jasper O, IL
Like the sweetness

After a short, 24-hour, break-in period I'm already a big fan of this cable. It easily bested several other digitals I had lying about in terms of detail and transparency - however - the biggest gain I hear and the one I can't live wihtout is the natural sweetness of the sound. Voices sound articulate and refined with a soothing character I can only describe as 'sweet'. Is that from the Cardas copper? I don't know and, frankly, I don't care. I just know I really like.

- LA - Ira D, AZ
Kaan was right about this cable

Thanks to my salesman Kaan who helped me pick up this cable. Music is very important to me. My music collection is also very important. I have over 5,000 CDs in along with hundreds of 24-bit high resolution music files and I add a few more every month. I have three disc players, an older NAD model – which still sounds pretty good, by the way, the Oppo BDP103, and my Bryston BCD2 – all connected to my Bryston BDA2 DAC. I just love musicality of my Bryston DAC. It was the best upgrade I made to my system in a long time – OK, maybe until now. I was using a hodge-podge of digital cables – one Straightwire, one XLO and AudioQuest – but Kaan convinced me to give this new Pangea one a try. Boy, was he right! Using this cable was like having the ear wax removed from my ears. The soundstage got much bigger, bass deeper, treble seems to go on forever, singers voice soar and the rock god’s bass guitar thunders. I didn’t realize what I was missing - its like having a whole new system. Thank you again, Kaan.

- Les DDS B, TN
Solid Recommendation

My review is a testimonial to my salesman, Tim. I called him to discuss replacing my Musical Fidelity M6 DAC with either the Auralic Vega or the Bryston Model 3 because I just wasn't satisfied with the sound of the M6. The DAC was warm and full sounding, but not as detailed as other DACs I’ve heard in the price range. When Tim heard I was using a good but not great MIT video cable as a digital cable he suggested I try the new Pangea XL Digital before buying a new DAC. After plugging in the Pangea I was immediately struck by the extension in the highs. Every album was more open, spacious and ambient. The mids were still warm but now have gobs more detail. Bass is punchier - I turned my Velodyne subwoofer down a half a notch. Smart recommended, Tim, you nailed my problem. This cable is recommended.

- Ben T, IL
Breathtaking Cable

Premier XL is breathtaking. I don’t know any other way to put it. Recorded music doesn’t just sound live. It sounds alive. Highly recommended and well worth the money.

- Morgan, IL
Very Happy

While I was still breaking in the Premier XL cable my friend invited me over to hear his new Schiit Yggdrasil dac. He also told me he had scored an expensive Nordost Tyr digital cable on audiogon.com for $200. I decided to bring the Premier XL along but not tell him how much it cost. We went back and forth between the two cables for a while and the sound was very close. I thought the Premier was a bit more transparent but my friend thought the Tyr was a tad warmer. When I told him he was surprised by what I paid for the Premier cable. He’s used to paying a lot for audiophile cables and I’m not. Petteri Livonen’s ‘Art of the Violin’ Violin Sonata in G Minor finally decided it for me. I’ve listen to this album at least a hundred times and the Premier was more transparent and musically involving. Very happy with this purchase.

- Ahmed M, IL