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Spectacular Picture!

Just counted and this is my sixth Pangea cable. I think its their best effort so far. Construction - like all their cables - is first rate. This cable is thicker than other HDMI cables I have but is still flexible. Using between my Oppo BDP-105 and new LG 65” OLED 4K TV. OMG the picture is spectacular!

Trotsky, M.J.
Good Cable and Good Sound

I have always admired George Cardas and when I saw Pangea has a new HDMI cable with Cardas copper I had to give it a try. Not using for video - I'm using it between my Bryston BDP3 music streamer and BDA2 DAC. The sound is subltely, yet noticeably clearer with Premier SE in the system in place of the Nordost cable I had been using. Now the Nordost cable is good and a big improvement over the XLO cable I was using, but the Premier has a silkier presentation. I notice the silence between songs is deeper - blacker. Overall I'm hearing a more relaxed sound. Highly Recommended especially at a price that much less than I'm used to paying for good cables. Give it a try.

- Brian M, RI
Don't Hesitate To Buy

I bought this cable because I wanted a good high quality HDMI to connect to anything, to either a LCD TV, or to the 4K Smart Tv, or to my music streamer. Works GREAT in every situation and with every product I have tried it on. The cable construction looks and feels very strong. Even the length of this one, 4.0 meters, I haven't experience any loss in signal or any difficulty as it could happen with other similar cables. Recommended.

- Victor O, LA
recommend to friends

I read the comments made by other buyers of this cable and decided to purchase one myself, as I had just bought a new 4K television set. The package arrived and the cable was well packed. Upon opening, I saw this evidently high-quality cable! Excellent picture/sound quality was enjoyed, and the cable was easily coiled out of sight at the rear of the tv, fixed in place with a small cable-tie. I have since purchased another of these excellent cables, and have recommended them to my friends.

- Simon M, INT
A Good Buy

Saw and heard an immediate improvement in picture quality and sound. Construction is first rate and puts all other HDMI cables to shame. Good buy.

- Simon R, NJ

I've been waiting for Pangea to introduce an hdmi cable with cardas copper. because I've found their new power cables with cardas copper are by far the best in the price class. I bought two of these hdmis - one for my oppo to sony tv link and the other between my nad m50 and m51. not sure which one i like better. the tv picture is awesome - so is the audio with my nad set up. if you love your audio do not hesitate - i'm getting brilliant results.

- Timothy C, MA
Extremely well made

I use Pangea cables in my high-end system where their obvious quality really makes a difference to the sound. Now for my television and Blu-ray player, I'm happy to report this new HDMI cable carries the video and audio signals perfectly, is extremely well made, and it looks great. Recommended.

- James M, CT
Try It!

It's not often that I let a salesman talk me into buying anything. When the Audio Advisor sales guy, Kaan, heard I was using the Ayre Blu-ray with a new 75” Visio P75 Ultra HD LED Tv he told me I had to try this new Special Edition Pangea HD23 HDMI cable. I was skeptical about this upgrade, but maybe not for the reason you might think. I was skeptical because of how inexpensive this cable was compared to the rest of my system – including the Wireworld Starlight 7 HDMI cable I was using that I think I paid around $300 for. After our conversation I went online and ordered the Pangea cable. Kaan was right. I’m getting a glorious picture – vivid details, rich colors and a complete lack of noise in the image. Like a breath of fresh air – or maybe fresh Ayre? I couldn’t resist that one. Great cable – Try it! Thanks, Kaan

- Ken Lee, CA
Obvious - Amazing Difference

I replaced a basic good quality cable purchased on amazon with this one to go between my new Oppo UDP and Samsung Ultra-HD TV. It's an amazing upgrade. My blacks are blacker than ever. The picture is sharp and clear. My wife noticed the difference. Output from my subwoofer also increased and I turned it down a notch.

- Lester D, GA
Skeptical but now convinced

I've always been skeptical of the claims made about the crazy-expensive cables, but this one is the real deal. I attached it from my Comcast cable box and LG tv. Studying the picture for a while I found it difficult to see an improvement - at first - but when the sound bar kicked in there was a fuller, richer sound especially in the lows. Then I changed channels and -bam- the picture was richer with deeper colors. Yes, I'm convinced. Next month I'll get one for my Oppo Blu-ray.

- Travis Smith, NJ
Quality Cable!

This is a very high quality product with great sound and impressive picture. Others may disagree but I find it well worth the price.

Movie Lover