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A+ Rating

Thank you all for the truly exceptional customer service. After mine was smashed in shipping I received the replacement headphone holder quickly and was able to give it for a birthday gift. It's absolutely perfect and no problems with this unit! That's how good companies handle situations when they don't go as expected. A+ and a loyal customer

Great for my needs

Great little headphone hanger for the side of my desk. Keeps it within reach and not strewn about

- Jack T, DE
A Must!

Instead of throwing your headphones down on top of other equipment, why not hang them neatly? This headphone holder is easy to set up. It is well made. I have it set up in my studio. It's a must!

- Dylan D, IA
Saves Space

Perfect size for headphones and very stable. Great for saving desktop space.

- Headgear Guru, IL
Great Invention

A great invention. Very sturdy and space saving. Snapped together in seconds.

- Jacob N, MT
Well designed

This is a well designed compact bracket. It snaps together quickly and is desgned not to scratch my desktop or headphones. I travel for my work and I take it with me to use in my hotel with my noise-cancelling Sony MDR headphones.

- Byron C, IL

Ditto what others have said here. This clamp/bracket is well made and it keeps my Audeze EL-8 'phones right where I want them

- Kevin K, ID
It's good

Nice product. Well made. Works great with my PSB 'phones

- Hip T, TX
Great Product

Great product that will install almost anywhere at any angle. Very adjustable to fit any thickness of table, desk, shelving unit worked on my wire shelving too. Padded hanging arch is supple and protects headphones when hanging. Plastic is sturdy and not flimsy. Highly recommend.

- SL, NJ
Better than what I had

I used a similar clamp the Sennheiser version of this for two years. Then it broke. The clamp on this one seems to be made of thicker material and like it won't break. Its very useful.

- JP, PA
Every DJ has to have one

EVERY DJ has the issue of where to put your headphones in between songs. Problem solved my friends. Clamps onto my Odyssey case for in the front. Bought a second one for home.

- Cris K, WI
It Just Works

This clamp is a good buy. Grips the desk firmly and the bracket is the perfect size for my Oppo headphones.

- Rubin T, LA
Good Product

Clamps right on to my desk top and keeps my AKG 'phones close by but out of the way. Good product.

Handy Bracket Does The Trick

I got this for my son's 16th birthday. He uses gaming headphones and his chord keeps getting tangled with all his other wires. I've already replaced the headphones once due to a broken cord. I didn't want to do it again. This headphone hanger is perfect. Clamps right onto the top of the desk and keeps the headphones out of the way.

- Tony S, NJ
Perfect for the Office Panel

I couldnt find a bracket that would mount sideways on the office panels until I saw this one. Clamps right on. Holds my Sennheiser 555s beautifuly

- Ed K, NM