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Very Good

I replaced a Belkin power strip with this power center and Im very impressed with the improvement. The music emerges from an inky-black darkness with less coloration. Fine details I never noticed before are slowly emerging. I think the main thing is this Quattro is not getting in the way of the music but just letting it flow. My sales guy, Joe, tells me it takes two weeks to break in and Im listening for only one week. I am looking forward to further improvements in the sound.

- Bruce P, OK
Well Made and Good Sounding

This power control center is heavier than it looks and it built like a brick. The case is metal - not plastic. My version has the clear Premier SE outlets and I am using a combination of Pangea and Shunyata power cables in this system. The Pangea cable are very heavy but the Quattro outlets grip them firmly. Over the past week what Ive noticed is my system is sounding more transparent. Like a thin veil has been stripped away from the sound. This wasnt an improvement I was expecting at all, but its there. Good product, well made with high quality parts. I can recommend.

- Scott Lee, CA
Good Power Center. Has Cardas Copper Inside.

To be honest I got this power center because the more expensive model has Cardas wire inside. I use Cardas cables in both my systems and Pangea power cables with Cardas wires inside in this $3,000 budget system and I wanted to have everything in my system with Cardas copper. I also purchased the upgrade AC-9 power cable with the 20AMP connector to plug into this Quattro. Like others have stated, this power center is well built and heavier than in looks. The outlets are clear and probably the best Ive ever seen. Ive only had it in the system for two days, but Im hearing greater transparency in the upper mids and treble and the bass has more solidity. Ill report back after Ive burned it in for a full two weeks.

Timothy H
Just Makes Sense

This product just makes so much sense. When you shell out a bunch of dough on AV gear abd you just basically need a power strip not a power conditioner you don't want to get something low end. Built good, feels solid. No negative effect on the picture quality or sound and I've looked belive me. The price is right.

Brandon C
Surprised by Improvement

The Tripplite power center I have been using was not up to the level of the rest of my audio system. I decided to replace it. After a lot of online research I selected the Pangea Quattro. Out of the three models I picked the middle one because it looked like the best deal. The Quattro is well made. The outlet are clear on top so you can see big gold contacts inside. I have a modified Thorens turntable with British intergrated amp and British Epos speakers in my system. Its a good sounding system for my investment. I was surprised by how much the Quattro improved my sound. The bass goes much lower than before and has more impact. I wasnt expecting that. The system sounds louder, too. I don't turn up my volume as high to listen. I am still breaking it in, but I'm sure I made a good choice.


Well made. Top-grade parts. Built like a brick.

Thomas A
Oozes Quality

My reviews is in two parts. First, I want to review the construction and then the performance. Most power centers I've seen in this price class are at least partly made of plastic. This one has an all metal case which I know is important for RFI - radio frequency interference - rejection. I know something about RFI because there's a FM radio broadcast tower less than a mile from my house. Years ago the tower caused me to have problems with my tube preamp until I put shielded power cords - not Pangea - on it. This power center comes with a 5ft long power cord and amazing power outlets. They grip my high-end power cables like an alligator. The case itself is heavy with a small blue led light on the top and soft pad on the bottom. I tried to 'listen' to this Quattro by putting it in then taking it out of the system. I can detect very little sonic change. I'm detecting a slight improvement in the deep bass but in the higher frequencies it's like its not even there. I am giving it four stars.

- Will K, MI
Can't go wrong

I like the way this Quattro looks. Most conditioners or strips look just plain ugly. This one looks techy to me. I like that it has an all metal box - no plastic! The outlets are the best part. Solidly build with plenty of room for my heavy power cords and even my wall-wort power supplies. You can't go wrong with this one.

- Parris C, PA
Good Build Quality

I like the build quality. Solid like a brick. Great outlets. Doing its job flawlessly after two months.

- SS P, MO
Overkill Yes, But I Love It

This power center is built like a brick. Solid all metal chassis and amazing quality outlets that grip my Cardas M-Power power cords better than any other strip I've tried. Impressive and overkill, but I love it.

- Andy O, MD
Well Made and Great Sounding

I have tried a bunch of different power strips over the years and somehow always end up disappointed. I need a power strip or conditioner because there's only one outlet close to my audio gear. My last purchase was a Furman 15i. I thought the Furman did a good job of protection but did not improve the sound. I was maybe even a little worse. AFter replacing the Furman with the Pangea Quattro I noticed a slight improvement in fine detail and soundstage depth. Over the course of a week I think the change became clearer. I tried putting the Furman back in the system but didn't like it anymore. The Quattro just sounded better. My system never sounded this good before. I'm sticking with the Quattro on my audio and I put the Furman on my TV-theater set up.

- Carson B, KY