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Yes, it's for real

An excellent, well designed stand that at this price quite simply leaves ALL the competition in the dust. I don't see the point in buying anything else unless you want to spend thousands of dollars on those electron microscope stands.

- Geoff B, WA

The rack is easy to set up, accommodates components well, permits very little vibration, and looks great. All at a great price.

- scott p, PA
Best bet in an inexpensive rack

If you have a system you won't be moving or changing frequently, this is a great budget rack. I was able to fit my Prima Luna tube amp on the bottom rack which was not a possibility with other racks at this cost where all shelf spacing is equal. The spike feet are also exactly what I wanted for a carpeted room. I subtract one star because this is not a stand that has adjustable shelves but that extra star to date would have cost $200 more for available choices


I ordered a Vulcan rack last week and it arrived yesterday. It is sturdy, looks good, well made, easy to put together and at the sale price it is one of the best bargains in stereo accessories I've come across. Many thanks to Audio Advisor for this product.

Bob S
Awesome quality.

Great system. Goes together easily. Looks fantastic. I bought the amp stand and an extra shelf all for $200. That has to be the best deal and AV furniture anywhere

- Ed P, MI
Excellent system rack

Easy to put together, well machined pieces, sturdy, just the right size, attractive. Perfect.

- Richard D, CA
Great Piece

This is my second purchase of a Vulcan rack. Assembly was fast and easy. The second time around I was finished in under 20 minutes - including disposing of the carton in the recycle bin. This rack requires no tools in the assembly - just a knife to open the packages. You don't even need a screwdriver or a wrench. The rack is the perfect size to fit all my electronics gear in my second system - receiver, dvd/vhs player, cable box and a small tv on top. You don't have to pay a lot for this one, but you get a great piece of audio furniture anyway.

- Jane E, VA
Solid and Highly recommended

Rock solid piece of furniture at a very reasonable price. Install is ridiculously simple with terrific instructions. The all metal legs and the solid shelves makes for a classic rack that will stand the test of time. Very functional for several applications besides just audio/video gear. I have two of them sitting side by side. Highly recommended.

- Francesco A, NM
Unbelievable for the price

Unbelievable they can deliver this for $100. Extremely stable. hard to believe it is this solid for the price

- K.M, OH
Great Value

Good quality construction and easy to assemble. The shelves are thick and solid and easily support all my high-end components. Good packaging. The rack arrived without any damage. Assembly took about 20 minutes. Rack is rock solid.

- Lee N, LA
Very Pleased

This is a beautiful audio stand. The espresso-wrapped shelves are beautiful and matches perfectly espresso amp stand which I also purchased. It was very well packaged for shipment and arrived with no damage to any of the parts. It took me all of around 30 minutes to assemble. It was very easy to level and sturdy and supports Rotel/Oppo/Class A gear. I think the key to assembling this stand is to evenly tighten the parts together. I am very pleased with this stand and feel you would not go wrong in purchasing it.

- GF, NY
Easy, Quick and Perfect

This rack was so easy and quick to put together that my kids helped me. I wanted a sturdy unobtrusive audio stand and it fits the bill. The shelves are well spaced to dissipate the heat from devices as well as and other "stuff". Its very sturdy. I had no hesitation putting my 60-pound Bryston amp on the bottom shelf. Very happy all around.

- Chip C, MN
Smart Design!

After receiving the package I was impressed by how well packed everything was inside. All the metal tubes and shelves are secured in corrugated sleeves and dividers. The tubes and shelf finishes were flawless. After I started putting it together I realized I could rearrange the shelves in any order I wanted. I put the larger 9" shelf just below the top to give more ventilation to my DAC which runs kind of warm. Bottom spikes are heavy duty and they made it easy to level the rack for my turntable. I put the Sonic Saucers underneath the rack to protect my oak floor. I just ordered another shelf as a storage place for power supplies, headphones, etc. Its a very good design with lots of flexibility for me.

- Thomas G, SD
Super Happy

Perfect shipping protection. The rack was easy to put together. All my electronics fits as it should. Super happy with the purchase.

- WK, OK
Five Stars

Nice rack. Very easy to assemble. Works great.

- Laurence R, SD
outstanding rack

found this rack on amazon. after reading the reviews I thought what the heck, for that kind of money it's worth a try. I'm really pleased with it. very well made and looks great. I ordered the 10in. posts for more air flow with my tube amp; but I'll be getting the matching amp stand soon

- mike a, WI

Excellent product. Order without hesitation.

- Ray S, NM
Great Shelf

Great audio shelf! Fit all of my equipment nicely. I purchased the spike discs for hardwood floors, and an additional shelf for added height and atorage. The total measurement is 39" 1/2 with the added shelf Wich is perfect for my height. Very sturdy even though it's MDF. I would have liked the tubes to have had a rubber spacers on each side rather than just the bottom but it isn't a big deal. Great shelf overall.


Excellent audio rack and really fast shipping! Looks beautiful.

- Rebecca J, MA
Nice And Solid

Nice and very solid!!! Bought this rack for my vintage audio gear. Wish I could post a picture here because it really looks great. Opted for the additional shelf and 10" post. Five stars!!!!

- LE, NH
Look No Further

If you're looking for a rock-solid audio shelf, look no farther. The interconnecting steel support tubes lock the unit together, and combined with the over-all weight, provides a solid and sturdy platform for all of your audio gear. Looks great, too! I was concerned about the MDF shelves when I ordered the unit, but they're hard as nails and can take quite a bit of weight more than your components probably weigh. I'll definitely buy the shelf kit or another full unit as I expand my equipment. Great job, Pangea!

- DR S, NJ
Good Turntable Isolation

I had problems with acoustic feedback to my turntable. Moving my components to this stand seemed to make a tremendous difference. Plus, it looks great!

- TP X, DC

I was on the fence, on the fence, on the fence........then when I got an email saying the black was sold out, I jumped and bought the espresso!!! WHY DID I WAIT????? This is a truly BEAUTIFUL audio rack, and a snap to put together. It was originally going to be for my bedroom, but I liked the look so much I placed it in my living room. And SO MUCH BETTER IT LOOKS!!!! GET ONE!!! You won't be sorry!!!! I'm still in awe of the BEYOND GREAT price!!!!

Mike M
Easy to Recommend

Ridiculously easy to recommend. Great price. Fast delivery. Received it in New Jersey in two days. Great packaging. Went together in minutes. Looks great. My VPI/VTL/Pass/PS Audio systems fits great. A good find.

- Norman Y, NJ
Wow - And Double Wow!

My reaction to the Pangea Vulcan Rack? Wow and double wow! These remind me of the classic audio racks that no one makes any more, but Pangea makes them, and these are stronger and better than anything else I’ve found.

- Emmet G, NY
Solid As A Rock

I bought this to show off my tube amp not expecting it to be this beautiful and well constructed. I mean, this rack is super strong, it was easy to put together, and a big plus is being able to add a couple more shelves. Steady, solid-as-a-rock.

- Gunnar S, IN
Great Buy!

Great buy. Great rack. Exceptional value for the money. How does Pangea do it when other companies charge so much more for way, way less?

- Sandy B, TX
What A Great Find

I usually read the audio advisor catalog from cover to cover and dream about what I see, but I usually buy my audio gear used. This time I couldn't resist and I ordered a new rack. I'm very impressed with the construction for the low price. I like the open design. Let's me show off my audio gear. Can't think of anything I don't like about it.

- Francisco A, CA
Best Rack Out There?

I'm sorry, but is there another rack deal as good as this one? I searched around and wound up ordering the Vulcan rack in espresso finish for less than a hundred bucks - including shipping! The rack comes in a compact, heavy box. Must weigh 40lbs. But don't worry, its extremely well packed. It's even double-boxed. There's no styrofoam in the box, which I like. Mine went together in under 20 minutes. It's rock solid and has plenty of room for my Oppo-Parasound-ProJect-Furman gear. So back to my original question. Is there a better rack deal out there?

- Chuck C, KS
Excellent Value

Got two of them because one cannot hold all my components. Well worth it!! Using extra shelves for other things. Sturdy, wide and well built. Way better than the one I got rid of not going to mention still sold by AA...

- Stephen J, NJ