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Warm It Up and You Should Be Happy

Running a Project Debut Carbon turntable into this little two-chassis Vincent. This goes to an NAD integrated and Monitor Audio Bronze bookshelf speakers. Definitely hearing a warmer and richer sound than the phono preamp built into my NAD. I enjoyed the sound straight off, but the sound got even better after a few days. Recommend warming it up for a few days before major listening sessions.

Kirk F
Very Pleased

Plays way above it's price point. Accurate, warm and engaging. This is a TAS recommended component. Very pleased to say the least!

- Dimetri G, DC
Buy Without Hesitation

I'm addicted to vinyl now thanks to this phono pre amp. Sure my audioengine speakers are clean and faithful, and my grado black cartridge is solid enough but I have a feeling that it's this Vincent pho 8 that is the strongest part of my setup. Horns and guitars come across like I'm sitting next to the stage hearing the music out of a vintage tube amp at a small venue club. Male and female Vocals are powerful and human like. The silent parts of the tracks are quiet. Snap crackle pops are absent on new records and not too bad on the beaters. I haven't tried any other pre amps but this one makes me want to get home every night and play records past my bedtime.

- Costa, WV

I figured Id give this phono pre a try. Out of the box it sounded great. Vocals are firmly centered with nice stereo separation. To think this was only its initial run with my copy of Led-Zeppelin III... Once this is past whatever break-in hours, Im sure I would be even more sonically pleased. It is much better than the Musical Fidelity X-LPsV3 with its own separated power supply. Half the size too. I opted for an after market power cord instead of the stock. Recommended brand.

The most complete preamp under $1000

It really outclasses anything near the cost. The phono state is quite good, but with the power supply as part of the setup, then it is amazing in every way. The depth, bass, output is so much better than any other model in this price range. Much like I said about the parasound model, this one is the best you can get for the cost.

- Audiolad L, GA
Vincents Dynamic Duo

I just received my Vincent PHO-8/PHO-8ps, their phono preamp with separate power supply. I hooked it up with Audioquest Chicago interconnects to my Peachtree Audio Nova. At first, I was not very impressed. It had too much harshness. But near the end of the first album, i noticed a slight softening. Album after album has brought softening of the harshness, to the point that the albums sound better than ever. after 10-15 albums, highs are smooth, bass tight and lower than ever, and voices so attention grabbing. The improvement isnt as dramatic as with the first few albums, but its obvious that break in is still going on. Although it cant make poorly recorded songs sound great, well recorded albums are such a joy to listen too, so full of detail. $299 for this gem of a duo is a steal. My ears havent felt this good in years, if ever. Highly recommended.

- Neil R, MD
Pleasantly Surprised

Let me start off by saying that I am not a zillion dollar audiophile but I can and do recognize good sound. This is truly an unsung gem. At $299, it represents a great value. Not only does the PHO-8 sound fantastic, it it is built extremely well. Trust me when I say I have spent a lot more and got less. This design is minimalist yet elegant in a minimalist way. I ordered this on a whim not knowing what to expect. I searched the web high and low with little to no success in finding any comments or reviews. I figured for the price, it should be good enough for consideration and if I didnt like it, I would send it back. Well I am happy to tell you that I wont be sending this thing back. As soon as I dropped the needle to listen to some familiar favorites I knew I had a winner. I played a few tracks from The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, George Benson, Joni Mitchell, Dire Straits, John Coltrane just to name a few. Very little record noise between tracks, no hum, hiss or any of that unpleasantness. I immediately noticed that the sound is both less and more at a given volume. It seems more dynamic or dramatic during low to high volume passages. Another thing I noticed was that soundstage sounded bigger or more open. The soundstage change wasnt in your face, it was slightly more open and delicate. Nicely detailed with immediate punch when called upon. Highs and lows are nicely detailed with a clean un colored midrange. I dont know what else I can say other than this thing looks good, sounds great and is a fantastic value. I highly recommend this preamp anyone that is in the sub $500 preamp market.

- Listen N, AZ
Incredible for the Price.

Audio Advisor put this on their Black Friday sale and I couldnt resist the price, it has been 25 years since I listened to my Vinyl and thought at the sale price I couldnt go wrong. Well before I got a chance to hook it up due to knee surgery and unable to go up stairs to the man cave, they put to Pho-700 on a killer sale and it has a tube so I had to get that one too. I even called to do an RMA but just couldnt get myself to send it back because of the sale price and Im so glad I kept it, I am now running 2 turntables both Yamaha PX-3s, I use the pho 8 as my used vinyl setup and its amazing, great sound stage, incredible detail, no hum with my Grado, very, very pleased that I kept this little guy and yes the Pho-700 is better this is a great inexpensive phono pre. I have totally fallen in love with Vinyl again. Thanks Audio Advisor.

- Paul D, OR
Great value for money

I have had my eye on this item for some time and when the price dropped to $300, felt it was the opportune time to get one. I could not be more pleased - both the outboard power supply and amp display robust construction and serious heft. After hooking it up and powering it on, the first thing I noticed was the noise - specifically, the LACK of it. The units run silent, and do not add any noise at all to the sound chain. No hum, no noise, nothing! What this phono stage does add, however, is increased body to the music - instruments are more clearly defined, soundstage is wider and the bass just has more oomph to it. The music just has more presence. This has been the best $300 I have ever spent to improve the phono sound quality of my system.

- Lee P, TX
Blown Away

I just got this from Audio Advisor. It sounds great right out of the box! Simple set up. If this sounds better after break-in period, I will be astounded. Great product! Great buy!

- Doug R, FL
vincent pho 8

first time i sweetch to vincent pho8 i have noise in my speakers,and dont know why? but the sounding was wonderful,great low end,nice mid and lovely hi.and i want to say this gave soul yo my turntable,really hi end sounding.

- Iman H, INT
Good things in small packages.

Overall I am pleased with this unit. It is far from quiet: if you get within a metre of the speakers and turn it up you will hear quite a woosh. But, from listening position, it will put a smile on your face. It takes a minmum of 20 hours to come on song, and I would argue to leave it on over a long-weekend, and listen to the change. Great soundstage, handles transients as quickly as your turntable will throw them. Very musical- a great match for my Vincent valve amp.

- David M, INT