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Unbelievably Good

I was using top-of-the-line Monster Cable M-Series speaker cables with my B&W 804 speakers until I tried these based on the recommendation of an audiophile friend. The difference right out of the box was unbelievable - especially the improvement in bass. The treble was also much clearer. I've been told these take 200 hours to break in and cannot wait to hear what they will sound like then.

- Moses P, GA
I Am Thrilled

Having audition many of the best brands of speaker cables out there I would say these AP cable are the most accurate and truthful. Now I loved the Cardas Clear cables which sounded rich and romantic. However, for me I couldnt get past the price of the Cardas. These AP cables seem to be the best compromise for me. Not quiet as romantic sounding, but extremely neutral. Treble is clean and precise - never bright or over-etched. Bass is amazing. The only cable I've heard that compares is the Cardas at twice the price. If you cant justify the long dollars for the Cardas, get these and you will be thrilled - just like I am.

- J.T., RI
You Can't Go Wrong Here

The Oval 9 bi-wire was an outstanding upgrade to my system. For me there is no going back. Now the sound coming from a bipolar spreakers is astonishingly close to that of my friends super-mega-buck $$$ towers for a fraction of the price. The sound of a snare drum is hard to reproduce but the oval 9s reproduce it very well with my 300B monoblocks also add airiness in the sound. No, you can't go wrong with the Analysis Plus Oval 9s. You will be dancing with joy. Kudos to Analysis Plus and cheers

- Just Peter, CO
Recommended - Great Value

I used to be a speaker cable skeptic. However, this cable changed my mind. When the time came to get longer runs of cable for a new room, I auditioned several brands and the differences between the Analysis Plus and other bigger name brands were not subtle. Compared against Oval 9s, the big-name cables sounded thin and "hi-fi". Oval 9s do wonderful things with voices; bass control is also far better. It's just more natural. I liken the difference to a significant amplifier upgrade, but for significantly less money. These cables are also very flexible, fairly flat and unobtrusive. Great value! Great product! Recommended.

- Jasper G, ID
OUstanding Cables For the Price

I have found Oval 9s to be the most musical speaker cables that I have had in my system. They offer a luxurious rich full natural organic sounding midrange which complemented my B&W speakers nicely - which although warm, benefited from a touch more warmth offered by the Oval 9. The bass of the 9's is very strong and tight and they have nice highs that are delicate and shimmer without sounding harsh. In my system and to my ears, these are one of the most musical speaker cables around for the price. A friend who also has Oval 9 speaker cables tells me they sound very close to the sound of his Transparent Ultra XL cables which cost like ten times as much.

- Andy R, VA
A Revelation!

Getting this cable actually saved me a lot of money. I was thinking of getting new speaker or a new system front end, but decided to try new cables because I noticed my headphones soudned so much better than my speakers. The sound improved immediately after I installed them. I noticed the lower midrange on violin strings was much better. As the cables broke in the sound stage opened up and sounded clearer - like I had washed a dirty window. There was more "air" around massed strings which had sounded all bunched together. Over the past few days the bass has been improving daily. I really enjoy listening to my system now and can listen for hours at a time without fatigue. Listening to this cable has been a real revelation!

Niles J Smith
Everything Just Sounds Right

I don't claim to be one of those 'golden-eared' audiophiles and I don't have an unlimited budget but over the past year I have been carefully upgrading and updating my audio system. In the process I have been trying lots of new equipment and - speaker cables. I listened to everything I could get my hands on under $2,000 which sounds like a lot but not compared to the cost over everthing else in my system. Compared with everything I tried I liked the Oval 9s best because they just sound right. Nothing is over-emphasized and nothing is lacking, either. These won't blow you away at the first listen. They take time to break in. After 20 hours they sound much better. After 100 they're starting to sound pretty amazing. After 300, I decided I couldnt live without them. Give'm a try.

- Lars G, CT
Five Stars

Warm sounding. Highly flexible. Great design and construction. Plenty of bass - not over-emphasized but powerful and deep. Never bright sounding - not even with harsh-sounding recording. I don't know how they manage that. Order with Analysis Plus T1 spades, the cost more, but they are the best!

- Gabriel X, AZ
Neutral, Transparent and Amazing Sound

I was very skeptical about spending $600 on these cables, however, one month in now and these cables are the most neutral, transparent and detailed cables I've ever heard. Using with MartinLogan Theos speakers which I purchased at the same time. After install the Theos speakers I experimented with older Tara Labs and AudioQuest speaker cables I had laying around, then plugged in the Oval 9s. Wow! Huge improvement in the soundstage width and depth plus the clarity of the treble and even the bass improved. They take the Theos speakers to a whole new level of performance. If you own good quality speakers and want the best sound you need to invest in quality cables. There are no short-cuts.

- Byron L, KY
Who would have thunk it?

These are simply amazing! Sound staging, articulation, and accuracy are perfect. Try them and youll believe too.

- Terry F, TN
The best for this price point

Ive owned 12 different sets of speaker cables, and these are far and away the best. Soundstaging,, accuracy and detail are all superb.

- Terry F, TN