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audioquest 4 speaker cable

yes I like to say that audio advisor is the best audioquest 4 speaker cables sound amazing on my speakers I would recommend everybody to try them out you will love them.

If You Only Knew...

Thanks Tim. Thank You Randy! Used Monster twisted 14 gauge for decades. Spaciousness, depth, texture across the 20hz-20khz range are dramatically improved with the Type 4. If you question whether or not cabling could make a big difference in your setup investigate the Audioquest site. Enlighten yourself with what they've discovered in improving the transmission of electrons. I'm in awe of the results and a believer, this solid long grain cable combination is flat out better! If I was in a different tax bracket I know I could improve my system even more with their more advanced wiring.

Type 4 Speaker Cabe

Just received Type 4 Speaker Cable No Frills, and I am quite pleased by the quality. The connectors are exceptional and provide a very secure contact with the speakers and are easy to work with. I should have purchased these cables and connectors a long time ago and saved a lot of money with lessor quality products. I would seriously recommend this item on fit and finish alone. Phil

- Philip W, PA
Giant Killer!

I had a pair of Wyre World Horizon speaker cables that cost me $179 for a 8 foot pair.And that was at 40% off. Any way they were not very listenable at all. The Bass was muddy and the mids sounded like the voices were in the background. and all the singers were smokers. I think youd call it grainy. Women didnt sound sweet and smooth. Any way I thought these were the greatest after using zip cord for the first ten or so years in my systems from high school and up.But when I went to friends there speakers all sounded better than mine. so I asked why and they had Kimber Kable 8 tc speaker cables.I could afford the Kimber Kable so I bought the Audio Quest Type 4. My speakers no sing and put the Kimber Kable in its place. Lets just say my two friends are now Sporting Audio Quest instead of the Kimber Kable. Enough Said!

- Steven B, MI
joe ohio

I was using kimber kable 8 ic thought I d try this stuff. at first I thought the bass sounded funny . once it broke in boy was I wrong ,lto better than kimber. I also got some type 8 love it . two words for kimber kable overpriced overrated. thanks tim

- joe g, OH
good value for good stuff

I was using kimber kable 8 tc .thought I would try this stuff and after break in period I was very happy . no more kimber kable . kimber kable is overpriced and overrated thanks tim.

- joe g, OH
Solid Performance

Thank you again AA for products that perform well and dont cost a fortune. I purchase Audioquest Black Mamba II inconnects and at the same time Audioquest Type 4 speaker cables. I wasnt expecting a lot from the Type 4 speaker cables but they have a bigger influence on sound in my system! Less grain, good bass, and smooth highs with nothing overcooked. Happy customer!

- Scott A, CA
much improved sound

i used to use bulk do it yourself speaker wire but always wanted some pro speaker wire of high quality and this type4 no frills is high quality indeed at a much reduced price,the sound of my system,nad integrated amp,nad cd player,and martin logan motion 10 speakers now sound much cleaner,with excellent detail,improved clarity,and better sounding bass,type 4 has a great reputation and this wire is one of the best deals i have come across in the audio world.

- willam t, KY
this made a big difference

I had been using bulk speaker cables that I had terminated myself, but I knew it was time to try some better cables. I like the idea of getting these no-frills type 4 in different lengths as one speaker needed more cable the other did. All my music sounds so much better now. Especially all my Vinyl and SACDs. Ive been slowly going through my system and changing out all my cables and interconnects with better cabling and these cables really have been a great upgrade to my system.

- Darryl G, KS
Fantastic Value

Conclusion: This is an incredibly musical wire, offering tons of detail and grain free performance at a bargain basement price. Previous speaker cable: MiT Terminator 6. I really like my MIT 6 wire! I tried quite a few wires before deciding on some second hand MIT wire. However, the bass was just a tad muddy and the top sounded a bit less substantial having body than real instruments. I wanted to see if the speaker wire was holding things back. I decided to try the AC4. In comparison, the AC4 has tighter, cleaner bass. I can hear the bass lines as distinct and clear musical lines now. I can also hear the leading edge better, as well as more of the character of the bass, tone, pitch comes through much better. Mids are smoother and more grain free. It is true that the human voice is less forward than with the MIT. Im not sure if this is more true and accurate than the MIT in this regard, or if the voice is slightly, and I mean slightly, attenuated from where it should be. Still, the female voice is clear I can make out lyrics more easily, and vocals are still nicely centered in the field. Highs are unquestionably not only more present, not just louder - but they have more body - a cymbal sounds more real and in the room, not tinny or fabricated. Seriously, the highs are shear pleasure. None of this extra detail comes at the cost of brightness, at least in my system. The soundstage is wider, deeper, and more 3D. This may be a function of the greater treble and mid micro details Im hearing. The noise floor seems even lower than the MITs, and Im hearing micro details much more clearly. Overall, right out of the package there is no box!, this wire, in my system at least, sounds at once more detailed and distortion free, and more honest than even the well regarded MIT 6 wire which was much more expensive, even used. The slightly less fwd voices may be seen as a deficit by some, but it seems more true, and allows much more of the instrumental information to shine through. I cant recommend this inexpensive wire highly enough. Give it a try in your system. My system: Oppo BD83 modified, PS Audio DAC III, Nuforce P9 Preamp, Nuforce Ref 9 V2 SE monoblock amps, PS Audio Power Plant Premier conditioner, MIT interconnects. VMPS RM-30 hybrid ribbon floorstanding speakers, with upgraded wiring, capacitors.

- Peter M, VT