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Make em shine

Ive been using Auric Illuminator for over a decade now, from back when the solution was blue - its clear now - and it has always brought out the best that the disc has to offer. From brand new to scratched up, the music on the disc ends up sounding better - more full, alive, and detailed. You might even hear things in the music you havent heard before. You dont even have to have a top-end rig to hear the benefits of Illuminator ..but it certainly doesnt hurt! Everything you need comes in the box. Just follow the instructions and youll be amazed at how well this stuff works.

- Dan G, WA
Great improvement on all CDs

Very nice improvement in audio detail, clean bass, soundstage and overall musicality. It brings a real smoothness to the music. Be careful to apply it correctly and you will be greatly rewarded.

- Mike K, FL
This Stuff Really Works...

Ive used a few cd treatments and this is by far the best one I have tried. What it does is give your cds a smoother, more refined analog sound. It really spoils you. Will be back for more.

- Joseph O, IL
Proceed with Caution

I found that the use of this product created problems for my Parasound CD as the CD would become stuck and unable to eject. After going back and forth between treated and untreated CDs I can confirm it is the use of this product and not my player.

Definitely not Snake Oil

Things done to the front end of a system affect its sound path down to the speakers. The Auric Illuminator Resolution Enhancement System affects the very front-end, the CD itself. The sound derived from this product has spoiled me. Its the closest to quality analog LPs that Ive ever heard my CDs sound. During listening sessions I can easily tell wether a CD has been treated with Auric Illuminator or not, and my girlfriend can too. And man, what it does for those AAD disks! Dont even use the term Tweak for this product. Its as vital a part of my system as my Amp or CD player or any component down the signal path; its indispensable. Unconditionally recommended.

- Larry C, MD