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Purchased the A5+ speakers with the D1-DAC and the wedge stands. This system is amazing! The soundstage is so precisely defined it is almost eery. Bass is tight and punchy, mid bass is smooth and highs are not harsh. A lot of speaker for the price.

- Dave C, MA
I bought these speakers based on user reviews.

WOW is the first words that come to mind when describing A 5+ speakers. Easy to set up-too simple really. And these speakers can accept input from almost any audio device. The sound is stunning and compels me to sit and listen for hours on end. I felt I needed more bass so a month later I also bought the Audioengine sub s8. I arranged the sub to sit at the same height as the speakers because I wanted to blend the lower frequencies of the sub with the frequency of the speakers. I thought this might be tricky to do. I did not want any boomy bass. My second placement attempt of the sub was a success. Now I have a warm, beautiful, and full sounding system. I also have the Audioengine dac I figured it is be the right dac for these speakers and their desk top speaker stands. The total cost was right at $1000 and I am willing to bet my money could not have been spent any better. :

- Darrin S, MO