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Very Happy

This device was a great addition to my system. Now streaming Tidal MQA sounds really nice. Software app is excellent, much better than the Yamaha streamer app which constantly crashed. Overall pretty happy with the purchase.

- Thomas, DDS, CA
A Significant Upgrade from Sonos

Recently purchased two of the Node 2s to replace Sonos Connects which I've used for years. I'm very happy with them - setup was quite easy, and the application is very flexible and has a great display. Sound quality is excellent and much better IMO than the Sonos. It's also great to be able to play my high-res music files. Indexing of my library was surprising fast, taking under an hour. Overall I think the Bluesound Node 2 is a significant upgrade for my situation.

- Leslie M., AZ
Works Perfectly Out Of The Box

Hooking this up in my system was a dream. The Bluesound Node 2 worked perfectly out of the box. I plugged in to my network, hooked up the analog out to my power amp and had instant streaming music through TIDAL. The sound quality was amazing, and it breathed new life into my old speakers and receiver. I can't wait to add other Blue sound speakers around my home. My wife loves it too.

- Elliot W, MD

This is a great product. After a difficult experience with the PS Audio PW DAC, I almost swore off digital streaming. For only $500, I figured the Node 2 was worth a try. During set up I found Audio Advisor and Bluesound provided truly first class support both online and on the phone. Now everything is working perfectly. I've connected an external HD filled with hi-res files and it sounds amazingly good. I've also streamed a couple of music apps via Bluetooth. App user interface is pretty intuitive. Recommended.

- Digger, HI
Love It

This is really good piece of gear. Connects via wi fi and Ethernet, very easy to set up, fantastic app on iPhone, and even streams master MQA. Using with Parasound Halo Integrated connected to Revel Performa 208s via Analysis Plus Oval Nine speaker cables. The result is an excellent sound, convenience and options - internat radio, Tidal, etc. Love it.

- Audio Guy, WY
Very Pleased. Would Recommend.

Such a good, well thought out audio device. Couldn't really be happier. I bought it to replace the Mac Mini in my system running via to my Rega DAC. I was never happy with the sound I got out that combo. The Node 2 sounds fantastic in its place, took two minutes to set up, and quickly indexed my networked library too. Finally I have a digital source that doesn't leave me yearning for my turntable. I haven't owned a CD player for years and having ripped my entire collection don't think I ever will again. The app is easy to use and obviously it can be controlled via the Spotify app. Next stop: I want to try HiRes files through it.

- Yuri V, NJ
Great Product

Great product for high resolution streaming from NAS, wireless, Bluetooth and Internet. DAC is very good, and gave a great result on analogue output. Read the What Hi-Fi review they got it spot on.

- Audio Fanatic, WA
Great Sound and Convenience

The sound from this streamer is as good as, or better than CD quality. I stored my entire music collection on an NAS as wav files. The Bluesound accesses this over a WiFi network and plays it through my existing Hi Fi set up. The convenience of accessing any music that you fancy listening to, from your smart phone, including any artwork, is brilliant. There is also a plethora of internet radio stations to choose from as well. Innovative piece of kit for sure. I haven't used my CD player since buying this.

- Albert S, WY
Dream Product

I bought the Bluesound Node 2 because I wanted to stream music at a higher resolution than that offered by Apple Music. I was already signed up to TIDAL as I tend to listen to a lot of classical music. It was a breeze to set up. I connected it to my pre-amplifier and my wi-fi network and chosen streaming site and then sat back and listened. I began to hear instruments I had not heard before in my music and everything just seemed to be so much more musical - even than my Audiolab CD player. The Node 2 presented such a beautifully clear and detailed sound. Hi-Res sound is definitely the way forward for means this product allows me to achieve it effortlessly. An audiophile's dream!

- Alexander P, TN

After years of using a well-appointed Mac mini and requisite player software I decided to take a chance on the Bluesound platform and the Node 2 in particular. Suffice it to say I've retired the Mac mini. Kudos to the folks at Bluesound.

- James M, PA