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Great sound - but with issues

Just got my cambridge audio 752bd a few days ago and was unpleasantly surprised with no sound from the hdmi nor analog outputs. It seems that the player has handshake issues with the hdmi inputs on certain amplifiers and surprisingly if thats the case, there will be no analog sound either. Anyone having this issue should tryout the secondary hdmi output, even though it says that both hdmi output are 1.4 on other occasions they refer to the secondary output being hdmi 1.3 When using this output with the video setup menu set to split av It will reproduce sound in most cases. Even though this is the best sounding sacd/dvd-a player Ive known, I get the feeling that the electronic quality is inferior to my prior sacd players, it gets confused when I turn on LED tv or switch inputs on the amplifier and then go back. The only solution in those cases is to turn it of, wait for a few seconds and hope when you turn it on again it will work properly.

- Howard M, INT
Outstanding universal player

I upgraded to this 752BD from its predecessor, the 751BD. I wasnt expecting great improvements as the specs and most processing parts are identical, including the DAC chips. However, the power supply and decoder are new. And I am blown away at the improvement over the older player! It is more dynamic, which was my only real complain of the 751, which was just a bit timid. This one retains all the gorgeous, inviting and involving soundstage of the old one with more dynamics and power. I use this player mostly for SACD and CD playback and I can tell you it is absolutely wonderful. I find the sound and picture from Blu-ray a significant improvement as well. I want to emphasize, however, that to achieve this kind of rich, open, powerful sonic performance from this player, I use only the multi-channel analog outputs, not HDMI or a SDPIF digital cable, with top quality cabling. I use a Cardas Golden power cord and Straight Wire Serenade interconnects to great advantage. This player is certainly capable if you treat it right. Awesome!

- David R, CO
Exceptional universal disc player

I have enjoyed this players predecessor, the 751BD, for nearly 3 years. But when that player started acting up, I decided to upgrade to this one, the 752BD. I wasnt expecting any improvements, as the specs look nearly identical same DAC chips, etc.. But I have been blown away by the improvements. First, the picture on Blu-ray discs is absolutely stunning. A greater sense of 3-dimensionality and realness over the former player. But most of all, I hear a signifacant improvement sonically the 752BD does have an updated decoder. I use the multichannel analog outputs not HDMI or a digital cable. This player is more dynamic than its predecessor my only real complaint about the 751. Yet it is still so musical and delightful to listen to on music - warm, full, slightly laid back, very detailed with exceptional acoustic definition, inviting and involving. It is rich in tonal color as well. All in all, it is even more musical and more real than the 751 was. I listen to a lot of CDs and SACDs and I can tell you this is an exceptional audio player. P.S. This level of musicality is achieved using only quality accessories. I use a Cardas Golden power cord on this player, and Straight Wire Serenade interconnects. Wonderful!

- David R, CO