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Happy with the purchase

Well-made and sturdy. Sound is a definite improvement over the Denon Blu-ray I was using as a transport. Remote is generic and looks intended for use with other Cambridge Audio gear. Happy with the purchase.

- Anglo-file, MA

Excellent sound. Replaced a JVC transport. This one reads all my discs - even some damaged ones and sounds better than the JVC ever did. Recommended.

- Kim J, CA
Yes, I'd Buy It Again

Using the CXC with the Cambridge CXA 80 amp and Monitor Audio Silver 8s connected with Kimber 8TC speaker wires. It's a budget-conscious audiophile dream system and, to be honest, its the wires that made a huge difference in the sound. My sound is rich, full, exceptionally clean and clear with a well-presented soundstage. CXC is well made. I have no worries about it lasting twelve years like my last player did. Good kit.

- Kitt G, NJ
More Musically Satisfying

Pair it with a good DAC - Cambridge offers two of them - and you will hear the beauty of this player and it won't cost you more than an all-in-one CD player. I predict this combo will be more musically satisfying!

Vihn Vu
Very Pleased

I was looking for a CD transport to make my music shine when paired with an Oppo HA1 headphone amplifier and Audeze EL8 headphones. I currently own an NAD C546bee for my 2 channel set up and thought it was a very good sound player that is until I put the CXC in my system. Wow! Now my sound is pretty spectacular. The audio is pure, balanced, and energetic without being overly bright. Separation is significantly better than any other source I have tried. Bass is full and not muddy in any way. Detail is remarkable. I'm hearing things I had no idea were on discs I've owned for years. I can hear Mitsuko Uchida's breathing in between Beethoven piano sonatas and mumblings between band members on several Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers tracks. I'm listening to a wide variety of music including Beethoven, Steely Dan, Diana Krall, Supertramp, Pink Floyd, and Miles Davis, and they all sound great. I am very happy with the CXC.

Raymond J
Great value and sound

Recently purchased this item to replace my aging Linn Majik CD player. The Linn is a very musical player and sounds fantastic, however it has always been very tempormental . Service and shipping from Audio Advisor were supperb and the CXC arrived promptly and safely. So far, the transport sounds exceptional and pairs nicely with my Mcintosh integrated and DAC. An exceptional value and nice build quality, highly recommended. Only regret, is I wish it had HDCD capability.

Ron I