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More Clear and Clean

I am on my 2nd day and listening to some old LIVE Johnny Winter, Rory Gallagher, Lonnie Mac where before the lyrics were difficult to decipher and now I can hear the vocals much, much better. I am 69 years old and have been collecting 45s, LPs and CDs since I was 6 and I highly recommend this miraculous CD, for 20 bucks you cannot go wrong. I am going to buy two more for friends and their systems.

- Bob A, AL
Clarity ++

I wanted to try it with an older but a high quality cd to give it a good test. The difference is subtle but definitely audible by an audiophile. The first thing I noticed was the tighter bass coming from my Def Tech BP702's. The sound stage also seemed to improve with more overall clarity.

- Bob A, AL
Surprised, Confused, and Satisfied...

I figured any $20 item that makes the Recommended List from AAs staff was worth a try. Didnt have time to test it at home last night after it arrived in the mail, so I brought it to work with me. Started lstening to music at my desk as usual. We have got a pretty congenial office with music going all over the place at all kinds of volumes. I have an Acoustic Authority 2.1 system with a ported 6.5inch sub. I was NOT listening critically at all, just slipped this disc into my DVD drive and played the full sweep a couple of times. The next music I played just popped from the satellite speakers. I had to turn it up and listen for a minute. The satellites were always kind of dull sounding before, but I figured it was my reward for buying cheap speakers. Now the guitar on Dr. Bernice by Cracker sounds plucked vs struck like a keyboard key. Its not a night-and-day difference by any means, but I was quite shocked it was that obvious to my ears. Maybe its my cheap PC speakers and/or the fact that I use them relentlessly. I have no idea how this is actually accomplished, but Im eager to go home and play this through my Klipschs now. In any case you should try it everywhere you have speakers. The more cheap and abused they are the greater the result will likely be. Thanks, AA!