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It's called Cardas Clear for a reason!

I bought three of these under the advice of Tim, who said he also owned them, and what a great difference they've made in my system! Vocals became clearer, background instruments were able to be heard and recognized more, bass tightened up and strengthened a bit, all around musical focus picked up, my wife even noticed this...very happy! Thanks AA!

Yes, I Like These

Listening to Tara Labs cables for two years now and the Cardas Clear M for only two days and I already like the Cardas better. Images are more solid, better bass and overall more coherent sounding.

- Ziggie, NJ
Must - hear cable

Tried these cables on both tubed and solid state amplifiers and feel the improvement with tubes is greater. Images sound more detailed, revealing, spacious, adds air to the highs and smooth natural midrange. No negatives I can hear. This cable is a must - hear.

- Niles P, NY
Thank You - George!

I am not a believer in all the smoke and mirrors hype surrounding high-end audio cables but George's design approach makes sense to me. He's using the well known Golden Ration to alternate windings of his cables so they do not resonate at similar freqencies. He must be on to something because - in my system, at least - his cables sound more neutral and more natural than any others i've tried. I'm using the Clear M power cable on both my Bryston BDP3 and BDA3 digital front end. The results are outstanding. The background on hi-res music files is blacker and I hear details I wasn't noticing before. Mostly though I appreciate the smooth and relaxed sound these cable give the system. Let's me sink into the music more than any others I've tried. Thanks, George!

- Nissam, INT
Bought On Recommendation

Using the Clear M Power cord based on the recommendation of Jeff Joseph who makes my Pearl 3 soeakers. This was a sound recommendation - haha. With my Zesto Audio 120 power amp the Clear M provided a major performance upgrade. I'm hearing more definition in the bass, incredible smoothness through the mids and a silky sparkle in the highs. This cable took my Zesto amp from a 9.2 to a 9.9! Thilled by the upgrade. Thanks, Joeseph!

- Terry S.T., IL
Nice Suprise

Owning Parasound JC1 amps for three years now and very happy. I upgraded to MIT power cables a while ago because I liked the look and feel more than any sonic change. My regular sales guy, Corey - sadly now retired - recommended the Clear M Power to me to improve the system. These were a nice surprise. The system is now more transparent, dynamic with more well defined bass and exellent open soundstage. It was a bigger improvement than I was expecting to get. Thanks, Corey. Enjoy your golf game! I have Sonus Faber speakers, Parasound JC2, EAT E-Flat with Hana MC in this system.

- Sam D, NJ
Super power cord

Put two on my CD player and digital player. Less digital haze, improved clarity, lowered noise floor. Highly recommended.

- Pete M, AB