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Beyond expectations

I have focal beryllium speakers and immediately noticed a deeper bass and more detailed sound throughout the full range. TV colors aren't immensely sharper, though some improvement was noticed in color, but the blacks were most noticeable, being a much deeper black. I thought my tv was just getting too old, but apparently is was my old, worn power conditioner. I can't wait to put on my records and give them a listen. This completely surpassed my expectations and was well worth the money.

- Jonathan A, GA
Physical Insurance

This unit is the bones of a good system. Confidently provide your system w the best, clean power so it can do what it was designed to do. Spikes, brown power, going out of town, all worries of the past. I never cut mine off. This unit combined w great cables makes for total black between tracks. I will not run a system w/o this unit.

- Rob R, AL
very pleasing performance

very clean and detailed picture, on dvds and satellite led television. very quiet and sweet sound on my analog stereo system. more than I expected, worth the price

- edward g, IN