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Surprise Surprise

For a long time I have doubted that a cord could make any difference in sound. That said, I knew the extension cord I bought at least 10 years ago was a cheapo when I bought it. For a long time I didn't really use me equally cheapo headphones much so the fact it occasionally would cut out if I jiggled the cord or even stepped on it didn't really matter. Then I upgraded my headphones to a pair of Sennheiser HD 558's and I have absolutely loved them. So I figured for I would give this extension cord a try. I thought at the very least it ought to provide a solid connection between the two cords. And it does. The headphone jack clicked into place and it's staying there. But the big surprise was the sound improvement. It's not overwhelming but it is noticeable. There seems to be a bit more clarity and depth to the sound coming to my ears now. Overall I am very happy with this purchase and have no problem recommending this item.

Grado - 15 Foot Headphone Extension Cord

I received my order promptly and everything arrived in good shape. Now for my review: I have a set of Grado SR80is that sound great! I really love these cans! I ordered the cable to extend my range and they work well for that. The cable material is thick and heavy and the jack and plug are super strong and well reinforced. My only complaint is the cost but after looking for other quality extension cables I found none for less. This cable could out live me! So in the long run I am very satisfied.