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Very Highly Recommended

This is a great sounding phono stage and the best available at this price. Sound is detailed without being clinical. Also excellent bass and treble with a highly accurate midrange. The Black Cube is colorless - I cant detect any hint of coloration or added warmth. Works well with all my cartridges - Grado, Ortofon, and Sumiko Blue Point - MM and MC. Great item for anyone who loves vinyl and wants the best from their LPs. Very Highly recommended.

- J.R.D., OH
Substantial Improvement

Compared with my older Music Hall phono preamp the Lehmann made a substantial improvement in the sound of all my LPs. The sound is exceptionally detailed, with more air and ambience around individual instruments. I can detect decay in the cymbals I never noticed before. Vocals sound richer and their placement in space is rock solid. Its pretty ugly looks, but sound just beautiful.

- Don L, KS
Love the sound

The Black Cube is small and unimpressive looking but makes up for it with great sound. Took my Pro-Ject Classic turntable with Ortofon Blue cartridge to a much higher plane. Love it!