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Say Yes To This Player

Over the years have had more than a dozen CD players but this player is much better than all the rest, I've had the Marantz about a month now and am so so happy with this player. It offers heavy-duty construction, easy operation, plus you get an SACD, CD MP3 and also a DA Converter in one package without loosing performance quality! The best part now my old cd's sound awesome! I will start collecting SACDs immediately.

- Sunny D, FL
Got More Than I Expected

I bought this player to replace a finicky ten year old NAD and when I got the Marantz I could not believe how heavy and solid it is. It feels like my Parasound Halo preamp. After installation I absolutely could not believe how much more detail I could hear in my favorite discs. Vocals and instruments sounded more natural, with the soundstage now deeper, wider and more three dimensional. Music sounds more like music. Incredible! Your results may vary of course, depending on the associated equipment. The price of the Marantz was twice as much as my old NAD player, but it sounds like I got three or four times more CD player for my money. Well worth it. If you're looking for a better quality product to replace entry level gear then look no further.

Art J.H.
Highly Recommended

As soon as it arrived - in only two days with FREE shipping - I hooked it up and gave "Let It Bleed" a listen. The sound is absolutely great. Very clean, very smooth, very nice. Nothing harsh or strident. Absolutely excellent bass. Over the years, I've had Sony, Panasonic, Technics, NAD, and other players, but this Marantz SA8005 hooked up to a my vintage tube receiver sounds better than anything I've ever had in my lifetime. Sounds great, easy to use, nothing complicated. Highly recommended.

- Ed Paulson, OH
Excellent Disc Player

Excellent disc player and just what I was looking for. A straight up two channel SACD relatively state of the art player. It has a lot of features, but I really have an old fashioned approach to listening to CDs and to me this is two channel stereo. Very easy to program, quick and efficient loading and responding to controls. If you listen to two channel stereo, this is really a great player for you. Especially if you use high quality headphones.

- Martin H, KS
Great Disc Player & Streamer

The best player I have owned to date and its still getting better after two weeks. Usually I burn in gear for 100 hours of play time before I make a call. But this one sounded great out of the box. If it gets any better; its a bonus at this point. I listen to CDs half the time and streaming services for the rest. I love having a DAC and CDP in one unit. For streaming I run a Chromecast Audio into the optical of the SA8005 which then acts as a streamer. I can even switch to the optical input using the remote when a CD ends to keep the music playing which is pretty cool. I use this paired with a Marantz PM8005 and Bryston Mini A bookshelf speakers. I couldn't be happier. My system is 'done' for a while.

- Trammel S, IL
My Last CD Player

I have owned CD players since 1981 and this is the last one I'll every have to buy. Some I've owned have sounded better than others and lasted longer but none I've had in my home sounded better than this one. I like the build quality and its subtle appearance. The DAC sounds better than the one built into my NAD integrated amp. It's breathing new life into some of my old favorite CDs.

- James J, KY
Super Value

This SA8005 was a major upgrade from my Marantz CD5005. I'm pairing it with the Marantz PM7005 integrated amp the sonic characteristics of this pair is on par with many far more expensive systems I've heard. I had several questions about the cd player and the Audio Advisor customer service had the answers. In my opinion this player is a super value as it plays a variety of formats. It can be used as a DAC for high res music files including DSD. SACD disks. I recommend this player even if you will never play a SACD disk because you can enjoy all the other digital music sources you have in your collection.

- Hans K, NM
Amazing For The Price

The Marantz SA 8005 replaces a Sony CD player in my system and the SA 8005 is substantially more transparent, and versatile. The sound is musical, warm, never harsh, and listenable for long periods of time without listener fatigue. I'm a value oriented audiophile and I've found no other product anywhere near its price that provides all of its great sonic attributes and versatility; simply amazing for the price.

- Sherman T, AR
Worthwhile Purchase

After reading several reviews about this, I ordered a Marantz SA8005 and it arrived in two days. I wanted to be able to stream music from my computer, and also to have SACD capability. After listening to dozens of my cds and some music from my computer, I am really happy with my purchase. The sound is wonderful. It is clean and realistic. I heard things from my music that I hadn't heard before. This is certainly a worthwhile investment.

- V.X.Z., VA
Very Happy With My Purchase And This Company

After some weeks I am very pleased with my purchase of the SA8005 CD player. I wasn't all that familiar with the current line up of Marantz products so I was concerned how the DAC would perform but it equated itself very well with my Musical Fidelity amplifier. I was using an Arcam CD player which also had a highly rated DAC but the SA8005 CD player has a smoother more pleasing sound. This was also my first time buying from Audio Advisor. I was impressed with the service and also with my product advisor who was delightful and very knowledgeable. It was pleasant suprise to find a sales guy who knew more than me about the equipment I enjoy.

- Alex G, AZ
Marantz SA805 vs Sony SCD555es

My beloved Sony SCD 555es will no longer play my Hybrid SACD disks. From the online research and phone conversation with Sony this is the beginning of the end of the player. Luckily single layer SACDs and Red book disk still play and I am able to compare the two directly. The Marantz SA8005 was burned in for 25 hours using Stereophile’s test CD 3- track 20; left on repeat. Additionally, a variety of other CDs and SACD’s were played through the system. Red Book: I thought the Sony was better on the standard playback, until I began to play certain disks such as George Benson’s -Songs and Stories , Ray Charles –Genius Loves company by monster music and the Eagles –hell freezes over and Sting’s- The soul Cages. The Marantz SA8005 is unforgiving of poorly mastered music. Period. The music sounded as if someone put a heavy weight blanket over my SL3s. On well-mastered music such as above it sings. Fine details not noticed on the Sony become noticeable. The Denon CDR-W1500, I have as part of my system to record my albums that I want to listen to in my car, has too much of a bass emphasis for critical or natural listen It is awesome for all out loud, party stomping, dance throw down. The Marantz wins over all for telling the truth. SACD: This was virtually a tie. On the single layer disks I was able to compare Peter Gabriel - 3 and 4 and Natalie Cole – Ask a woman who knows I could not hear much of a difference. Both decks were also auditioned through their headphone jacks via my Sennheiser HD580 and again I couldn’t hear much if any difference. Any slight difference I would equate to a slight difference in volume that I could get perfectly matched. Overall the SA8005 is a tiny bit warmer in the bottom end like +.001 and this is not a complaint. I expected the Marantz to whoop the Sony based on the advancements in technology but this is not the case. I will miss the multichannel capability of the Sony, but I am more than satisfied with the performance of the SA8005. Associated Equipment: Rotel rc1590 connected to Krell Kav 2250 via Cardas Quad link interconnect, Martin Logan SL3 and Depth i, Monster Reference 2 interconnect and Audioquest Mont Blanc speaker cable, Denon CDR-W1500.

- Michael A, MA