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Not yet broken in. Have been listening to them about 15 hours and recommendation is 60. I think. Manual not with me. Brief: Highs are a 10 out of 10. Their unique tweeter design simply sings sweet, strong, high, sparkling, exciting, and most importantly not ringing or harsh. I am driving with a single ended tube amp though. Mids punch way above their weight class. The two 5.25in mid/bass drivers are fast, articulate, punchy, toe tapping. 10 out of 10 as well. Bass is way way more than expected for a smaller floor standing speaker with said bass drivers. I expected and heard the sound of highs and mids at a local hifi shop. The bass really kicks in my medium size listening space. However really low bass is absent. Bought the 500 series sub too and have not hooked it up...waiting for new pre-amp with sub out. Surprising output for sure. 8/10 without sub. quality a 10 though and pure thump a 7. Mid bass in their range is strong and full. Music and not home theater. Long review: kind of a budget realistic audiophile here. Used to work in the biz 20 years ago. Moved to a new place and installed Martin Logan Helos in ceiling speakers in adjoining kitchen..driven with old Carver Amp through same Golden Tube Audio SEP-1SE preamp. Main system in living room with Golden tube SE-40 tube amp with about 40wpc. Single ended, no feedback, great midrange. Running to Infinity Overture 3 series speakers from mid 90s. Retailed for $3000/pr then. Back when Infinity was fairly high end. Well I am 45, some hearing loss at high frequencies from many many concerts, etc. I found the highs and detail/air/excitement of the Golden Tube amp and Infinity speakers kind of lacking and boring in comparison to the Carver ss amp and ML Helos ceiling speakers in adjoining room. And had a good year at work. So out shopping with cash to spend. Bought the Motion20 open box/refurbished in gloss white refurbished. SPECTACULAR value at just over a $1000 for the pair. They sound fantastic and look fantastic. Perfect condition...like a true brand new. They pair well with the 40 watt tube amp. Enough power. Listen to a large variety of music and sounds the best with female vocalists, piano, but also great with guitar solos in rock and roll. The Rolling Stones sound fabulous. Closely miked vocals gave me goosebumps...like Sinead OConnor Lion and the Beast. Also male vocalists with broad range. Lots of inner detail that was not as apparent listing through the Infinitys. Sound stage from front to back improved notably. Although sound stage width and imaging did not improve all that much. The Infinitys are quite good speakers for sure. Wonderful imaging. The bass of the Infinitys is superior in lower extension and weight. Although four 6.5 in drivers per speaker driven by internal 300 watt amp per speaker. However the difference was much much less than expected. THE most surprising aspect of the speakers. Maybe I dont need the subwoofer. Ha! I love bass. Cant wait to set up the ML Dynamo 500 refurbished Eagerly anticipating new NAD preamp as the Golden Tube has been acting up, no line level out for sub, and actually has mediocre reviews way back. The NAD should peel off another few layers of system detail, sparkle, and detail. Will report back. Although did not buy through Audio Advisor. And quick Audio Advisor props....probably my 5th purchase and most expensive for sure. Always delivered product as promised, quality, easy to work with, a 5 star merchant. The Motion 20s are seductive!

- John B, CA