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Absolute STEAL!!!

Running my Parasound front end, JC2 BP, Halo P7, A-31 AMP and Oppo BDP-93 these little gems totally DISAPPEAR with guitar, vocal and piano recordings. Al Di Meola's World Sinfonia comes thru with just a hint of chestiness in the mid bass, but soundstage is wide and DEEP. These are NOT replacements for my B&W 804D2's but will cut the mustard as my new surrounds for this system - and the price!? A STEAL!! I have only been running them for about 4 hours now and they are quite surprising, A further review is in order with them paired with my SVS ULTRA-13 sub. Overall - they produce the signal they are fed just NOT the lower octaves. With careful integration of a subwoofer, these should be all you need if space/price is a factor - highly recommended!

- Len G, PA
Best Deal Out There

I have owned quite a few high end speakers including DCM Time windows, Infinity's and Epos to name a few. I just moved and needed to down size so I picked up a pair of these Martin Logan LX16's based on the great reviews. After receiving them from Advisor - in only three days to Dallas - I set them up and burned them in for around 48 hours. The results are incredible. The sound stage is big and open and I clearly hear each instrument in space. These are small speakers but the bass is solid and powerful. No need for a sub IMHO. These are the best deal going right now. After owning for a few weeks I picked up a pair of Pange LS300 speaker stands plus Blutack to go with them. They are perfect for the LX16s and also an amazing deal.

- Davy Z, TX
These Are Special

I am a long time audio nut, but I have never come across a set of speakers that look this fantastic anywhere near this price range. The sound is outstanding - even amazing - for the size and price. These are fairly efficient. I am running them with a NAD D3020 and the small amp has no trouble driving them. You will not need much power at all to get these to sound loud and clear! The tweeter is really what makes these so special. That and the cabinet finish which is just beautiful. One word of caution: these sound a ton better after two days of break in. Advisor salesman Tim helped me get these. In fact, everyone at Advisor has always been great to deal with.

Stephan K
Fantastic Bookshelf Speakers

A fantastic pair of bookshelf speakers. Paired with a good amp, these sound amazing and fill the room with great sound. ML really does put the most beautiful cabinet finishes I've seen on a speaker - they look like a grand piano. They are quite heavy for their size. The magnetic grills are just perfect. Maybe one day I'll upgrade to towers and keep these as surrounds, right now they are just fine for my mid-sized 15 by 18 room.

- Ronnie L, LA
Very Satisfied

These LX16's met my expectations of what a good bookshelf speaker should be able to accomplish with a very smooth overall frequency response. I am very impressed with the silky smooth highs from Martin Logan's folded tweeter. The build quality is excellent. I have a subwoofer, which adds the very low frequencies which no small cabinet like these can present. I am driving them with an18Watt per channel tube amp, which provides plenty of power to drive them beyond the volume levels I require. Very satisfied!

- Norma H, MD
Pleased With The Performance

Using with a MacIntosh tube integrated amp and small subwoofer and they offer beautifully balanced, nuanced, lush sound that accurately presents any type of music - from classic to rock to jazz to electronic. Very pleased.

- Gregory Y, WV
Excellent Speakers

Excellent speaker compact with crystal clear treble and firm bass that is not bad for a small speaker. Pairing with a good subwoofer and OMG you have a great value for any home audio system. I have owned Polk, Infinity, and Revel before these, but these sound better.

Danno E.D.
To My Ears They Are Superior

Comparing with my B&W 685s speakers, to my ears the LX16 is clearly superior with tighter bass and better clarity through the mid and high frequency range. This is surprising because the B&Ws have a great reputation and cost a lot more.

- Marc C.Z., OK
Two Thumbs Up

Martin Logan has an outstanding reputation for their sound quality and these speakers do not disappoint! Aesthetically very appealing. With or without the grille, they look absolutely amazing. After putting these in my system its amazing how I can pick up different instruments in the same songs I've been listening to for years. Even my little brother, who is a musician himself, gave these two thumbs up in every category. Lov'm.

Kim Rasmussen
Steal These Speakers

Got these to replace some small Magneplanar speakers that never sounded right in the room after I moved into my new house. I was very skeptical about the switch over to dynamic speakers but it turns out my fears were unfounded. The instant I fired up the LX16s they sounded clear, detailed and highly accurate. The bass easily bested my Maggies and I know it will get btter after the speakers have a chance to full break in which, according to my salesman, may take up to 80 hours. They are a steal at the sale price.

Ryan Peters
Don't Waffle - Just Buy'm

After owning for two weeks I will confidently say for the money you simply won't find a better pair of speakers. I am running these with the new NAD C368 and they sound amazing. I never thought I could afford a pair of speakers that sound this great. Just buy them.

Inspired Me

Beautiful pair of speakers! I have owned Proac, Rogers, Epos, B&W and several other speaker over the years and these have the finest finish and sound is the best so far. They brought new life into my system and inspired me to revisit dozens of older recording and even replace the Musical Fidelity integrated amp I was using with a new Vincent SV500 tube amp. Can't wait to hear the combo!

- Fritz, J.J., TX
Motion LX 16

Ive owned a pair of these high end bookshelf speakers for a couple of years and couldnt be more satisfied - huge clean sound from a small beautifully finished wood cabinet. Wouldnt hesitate to recommend these at even twice the reg. price, so on sale at just under $500/pr they are an incredible deal.