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Good Stuff

Have owned for two years now an I'm very happy with them. I see not need to change or upgrade them. I get fantastic location of instruments in space with these and they product deep bass for thier size. Mids are also fantastic. These take a while to break in. Don't make a hasty decision about them until after 100 hours at least. That's when the mids started to bloom for me. Good stuff.

- Deepak N, CA
Good Results If You Set Up Right

Focused, big, natural, detailed sound. But to get this sound you must: burn in well, attached to good speaker stands with blutack and fill your speaker stands with sand. With this your results will be amazing especially in the bass. These are in my second system with NAD 3020 and 316BEE CD player plus Cambridge Audio DAC. My interconnects here were Van den Hul but recently upgrade to Pangea Premier and they are better.

- Carlos M, TX
Very Good Choice

Listening for three months now and these are very nice speakers for their price. Voices are extremely accurate. They do not accentuate any part of the audio spectrum, what you hear is how the sound was recorded. They do what they are supposed to do: recreate mid to highs extremely accurately. They are also front ported, allowing them to be placed close to a wall, if space is a concern. Using with PSB 100 subwoofer and they work well together.

L. Victor, M.D.
Good As Anything Twice The Price

I couldn't understand why these speakers swept so many awards and received so high acclaim from users until I bought it. Right out of the box, it already sounds better than my wharfedales which won the product of year award from what hi-fi. They project a soundstage that is large and deep. Highs sound detailed but also smooth and never bright. Midrange is full & rich while the low is taut and punchy. It's simply the best buy at this price and I would say it's up to competition against speaker costing twice.

- I.M. Audionut, BC

These Monitor bookshelfs sound much better than many other costing as much as three times more. The punch, the bass these speakers create has to be heard to be believed. The upper octave extension is lovely. Overall they sound very balanced and natural IMO.

- Rick G, KY
Excellent Sound

Excellent set of speakers. Really couldn't be happier. Powering these with an Marantz PM-6006 Integrated Stereo Amplifier, and they get plenty loud for our space. Good bass that is not over emphasized. They sound better on decent speaker stands. I bought the Pangea LS300s for them.

Weber C
I Can Recommend

I was initially skeptical to buy these as various links described them as bright, but after trying others including ELACs and Polks I bought these ones. These are very good looking speakers with impressive bass, mid and treble. These are not bright. Anyone who says that must have a really cheap amp. Mine is from NAD. They like some room to breathe. With some pretty stands like Pangea these look awesome.

- Lee Jacobs, TN
Good Speakers For The Money

Great speakers for the money and for my extra bedroom AKA my listening room. Mine are still breaking in and they get better with every listening session. I'm driving them with a NuPrime IDA 8 amp which is also ridiculously good for the price. Great highs and very good lows. Very good fit and finish. They are also bi-wire and bi-amp capable. I tried a couple different kinds of speaker wires on these and yes, they made a difference. I went with Audioquest.

- Reese A, OR
Great Speakers. Buy them.

First let me say Audio Advisor was tremendous with shipping. Only four days to Nashville with free ship. No need to brag on speakers. They were everything I thought they would be and more. I'm not going to bore you with details like some people who go on and on. Great speakers. Buy them and you will be pleased.

- Jack Hunter, Sr, TN
I Would Recommend

I tried Elac B6s and JBL Studios before settling on the Monitor Audio's and I could not be happier. They sound clear without being harsh, and the bass extension goes low without getting muddy. They're built extremely well. I love the gorgeous walnut finish. They're also extremely easy to power - I'm using only thirty watts from a good quality amp and its enough. They sound great playing any genre, but they do seem to really shine with jazz. I would absolutely recommend them.

- Larry Z, KS
Buy these speakers

When I first connected these speakers to my stereo they sounded a bit brash with lots of voical sibilant. Midrange was ok and bass was non existent. I even called AA and complained that the speakers sounded funny, not what I expected. AA tech asked me what kind of stands was I using? I said Pangena 28" steel., he said give them more time to break in, which I did . After about 60 hours of break-in, using them as a TV speaker, what a difference! Music sounds nice with a sweet midrange, Highs are extended and not sibilant as one would find in lesser designs. The bass goes deep for a speaker this size. though a subwoofer is needed for the lowest octaves. The more I listen to these speakers the better they sound.

- Larry S, IL
Improvement over previous edition

Its brighter now with more presence than the older model. I have the older one, and it has moved from the primary fronts to the desk top with a Parasound amp, and it seems happier in this mode. I just wish my speaker was the new one. Four stars seem appropriate when there are other speakers at the same cost which are better.

- Audiolad L, GA