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Sounding Better And Better

Owned for two weeks now and they sound better every time I listen to them. Powering them with the Vincent 237 tube-hybrid amp and the synergy is like magic. Construction quality is second to none at this price. I love the plinth bases that protect the speaker from nics and improve the bass response. No need for a subwoofer with these, just get a good amp!

- Kenny D, VA
Fantastic - Can't say enough great things about these

Owned for one year and I'm still please with the purchase. They sound fantastic in my room with my gear. From Led Zepphlin to Frank Sinatra to Mozart, these sound briiliant on every genre. Finish and build quality is outstanding. Friends who come over can't believe how little I paid for them. I think I've sold three pairs of Silver 6s and Silver 8s so far. I should get a commission.

- Kim Ross, GA
Impeccable Construction. Brilliant Sound.

During my search for the new speakers I auditioned four different sets of speakers at my home or at friends over the course of two months. Those I heard Included KEFs, Polk, ELACs and B&W. Then I discovered a pair of used Monitor Audio Silver 10s. I was immediately struck by the remarkable construction of the cabinets and the amazing drivers. Online reviewers I've read just don't do justice to the quality. I bought them on the spot. Driving home I started to wonder if I have made a mistake. What if they didn't sound as good in my home? After I got home and hooked them up my worries melted away. They sounded - and continue to sound - brilliant on all type of music. Organ, piano, orchestra, guitar all sound amazing. These are the luckiest purchase I've made. I couldn't be happier.

- Samuel G, MA

These speakers are outstanding. I auditioned many speakers and finally settled on these Silver 10 speakers. They look superb with a high quality real wood finish and they sound amazing. These really gave me the best balance of everything I was looking for. The crystal clear mid-range of the B&W, the bass response of PSB, the sparkle and airiness of Martin Logan with much better dispersion, all in a much better and classier finish than any of those manufacturers offer.

Charles P
Highly Recommended

At this price, I see no rivals. Excellent dynamics, soundstage, uncolored rendering and even a tad of bass that belies their size. For this money, could not recommend them high enough.

T.T. Jones
Another Great Speaker From Monitor Audio

This is the second pair of speakers I bought from MA. I replaced a set of Monitor Audio Silver RS6s. The new Silver line is even better. MA flat out builds great speakers. The Silver 10s are noticeably larger than the 6s and even 8s. The build quality is second to none. Sound quality is first rate too. I have them hooked up to a Parasound A-21. If you are thinking about a really really good tower speaker, please consider MA Silvers. I assure you, you will not be disappointed in the least.

- Brooke E, DC