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john boor;s nad 516 bee compact disc player

a great c.d, player 1

- john b, WI
john's c.d. player

in my 46 years of being an audiophile'; this is a great machine!

- john b, WI
Excellent budget CD player

I have owned a Rotel CD player, an Adcom CD player, and a Zhaolu DAC with transport. I thought the Zhaolu sounded best of that group, but this CD player bests it slightly. I find I am noticing a little more spaciousness and detail in long-familiar recordings. So it's a big thumbs up for this plain-jane but robust little CD player.

- John B, NH
Performance beyond its price.

Replaced a 30 year old Magnavox 650 that had seen better days. I liked the sound of the Burr-Brown DAC and was hoping for sound as good from the 516BEE. I am very pleased to report that that it sounds much better than expected. NAD has hit a home run with this one and AA free two day shipping was outstanding. The Stereophile Review is dead on.

- Doug L, TN
significant improvement

matched it with $90 Kimber rca connects. previously I was using my budget sony blue ray player. the nad gives a natural sound to the music rather than the coloration of my blue ray. also highs that were inaudible now appear. at $400 for the pairing I think it is a no brainer.

- terry s, PA