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I would buy it again...AND, I would buy it again from AA

This rating is four stars in absolute terms. The gap between four and five stars is quite large. I am not an audiophile but am fussy about the sound of the music. The NAD is connected to a Benchmark Dac 1, Aragon 8008 Mk II and Paradigm Reference Studio 100 v2 speakers. I bought this as a replacement for a Theta Digital Pearl transport and in that regard, it excels. It made the music sound good through the Aragon Aurum preamp and sounds good through the Benchmark. The overly bright blinky light on the remote was quite the distraction, mitigated by a piece of tape to dim the brightness. As said in the review title, I would buy this device again.

John A
two big steps from the c542

This is real bargain. Used with NHT Classic 3s and an Energy s10.2 subwoofer and classic 1990s vintage transistor amplifier acurus 250 and pre-amp B&K It provides detailed sound with clear treble and powerful and tight bass. The soundstage is deep and each instrument and group of instruments can be heard clearly. These are smallish 3-way speakers but with this CD player it throws a large and detailed presentation of sound. And with a major symphony, the Beethoven 6th, it gives the full weight and power and gemutlichkeit of that magical piece of 19th century art as directed by BrunoWalther

- Murray R, NY