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Love The Gear and The App

I didn't want to turn on a PC to access music, so I opted for the NAD knowing it was self-contained, would allow me to simplify by reducing the number of components, and was a nice fit with my M51 DAC. The build quality of both NAD components is exceptional, they are built like tanks, and sound quality is awesome. I have absolutely no regrets about getting the M50/M51, they have more storage space than I need, balanced inputs/outputs, and so on. I also love the BluOS operating system. Its easy to access with my phone or iPad. Whenever I walk into the room I have my favorite tunes playing in just a few seconds - Perfect!

Thomas Mayer
Easy to Use. Sounds just Great

I am not very computer savvy. I guess my excuse is that I'm 75 and managed to have a successful career without one. I love blues and jazz and spend much of my leisure time listening. I have owned the M50.2 for a month now and I'm happy with the choice. I like the visual elegance of the design of both the unit and the app. I like being able to control it from anywhere in my home - even outside on the patio. The album displays are in full, vivid color. I'm just not used to such convenience. Loading my collection of CDs was easy, the NAD knew exactly what to do without me having to tell it what to do every time. I had a few questions about listing music by genre but the boys at Audio Advisor were very patient with me, answering all my questions in just two phone calls. Like I said, I'm very happy and will buy from this company again.

- Alexander C, CA