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Sounded terrific right out of the box!

Imagining, details and bass attacks are unbelievably good, it is worth every dollar of the $499 price tag! Now just hoping it is reliable and lasts longer than my NuForce HAP-100 preamp which stopped working last winter when my house lost power after a snow storm, when the power came back it was dead. I asked Optoma NuForce for help with no luck!

- Sun Y, MA
Best $500 you'll ever spend on audio

Wow. Just, wow. conrad johnson meets Krell. Finess, power, imaging, rock solid bass with definition. I can hear the bass guitar's string wave over the pickup. That's how controlled the bass is. I can't stop listening. THE best $500 I've ever spent on audio, hands down and I've been into audio for 35 years and have owned it all including CJ and Krell.

- Ed P, MI