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Wow. Just Wow

These closed-ear PM-3 headphones are amazing. I love trebles and mids - although I certainly can appreciate good bass- and I am usually used to and submit myself to trade offs when buying headphones. These headphones have NO trade offs The treble is clear, the mids are vibrant, and the bass is intoxicating. I highly recommend these, they sound incredible, have a great build quality and look nice too

- Blair W, AK

In a word - Magnifico. After all the reviews I read when these arrived and I put them on I was somewhat underwhelmed. I don't know quite what I expected. I just didn't hear what everybody else hears. They are very comfortable to wear. I don't care much about looks but, they do look sharp. So, I said to myself, I guess the hype was overblown, took them off, placed my Shure 940s on my head and my eyes popped and my jaw dropped. Holy cow. What a difference! I thought my Shure's were wonderful, and they are but, the Oppo's sound stage is more brilliant and wide open, which seems impossible for closed back phones. The sound is alive and so real. I needed the comparison to hear it. Such clarity and precision. I found them, literally, awesome. These do not just reproduce musical instruments. They ARE musical instruments.

- Justin E, IL
Perfect Sound - Easy to Drive

Sound Quality: These are remarkable and lived up to the reviews I read online. The sound has zero distortion and there is, in my opinion, a perfect balance between bass, vocals, treble, etc. Songs sound natural and clean. I hear detail in songs I never heard before and there is also a beautiful sound stage. Bass has just the right weight and emphasis. Personally, I want my phones to sound natural and I don't want them to add bass that isn't there in reality. One of the best featurs is that I can easily drive the PM3s straight from my iPhone. With other headphones I felt I need an external amp to get the sound just right - but not with PM3s!

- Julian T, MA
Best Choice

I am not an audiophile but got sucked into a search for good headphones after making an impulse purchase of the Bowers & Wilkins P7s on Cyber Monday and not being quite satisfied. Then, after lots of research, proceeded to try the NAD Viso HP50 and the Bang & Olufsen H6 before settling on the Oppo PM-3s. From a non-audiophile perspective, these are simply amazing. B&O H6 are far lighter, and the B&W P7s look cooler. But these are close to perfection in terms of comfort, quality of construction and looks. Most importantly, the sound is by far the best to my ears. Among the ones I tried, these had the most natural clarity and detail, without drowning the music with brightness or sound tinny. Beautiful spaciousness that with the right music sounds like you're listening in a concert hall and makes you forget you're wearing headphones. Vocals and instruments jump out. Bass response is terrific, but without sounding artificial and boomy.

- Marco f, ME
Very Highly Recommended

Here is what I really like about these headphones: They don't emphasize highs and lows like several products I've tested, and they are not too clinical. They have a clean sound, a nice bass response, and the highs are not too shrill. The main thing I like about the PM-3 is that they have excellent, almost sneaky-good detail. It's all there, you just have have to settle in and listen. Oh, and by the way they are VERY comfortable around my ears. Very highly recommended.

- BD, UT
Better On Every Level

wouldn't proclaim my self an audiophile, but I've had these for about 2 weeks now and the sound is absolutely beautiful. I've owned the Audio Technica ATH AD 900x, Beyerdynamic DT770, and a few other earphones and lesser headphones, and these stand far above them. They've truly introduced a level of listening to music that I didn't know I was missing. I can't say how much better these are than, say, the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0, but I can tell you that you most certainly won't be disappointed with these amazing cans.

- JR, WV
Home At Last

My Oppo HA-2 DAC’s sibling, the Oppo PM-3 is home at last. I won’t go into the subject matter that’s been covered to death build quality, packaging, etc. which are all excellent or go off the technical deep end, but focus more on the overall impact of the combination has on my music collection and improvement from the DT 770s. When I first put them on and played some music that I listened to for many, many years my initial thought was “Wow, VERY noticeable difference and improvement”. I was hearing clarity, elements and sounds I have never heard before. I have only spent a few weeks with them, but the same music I have been listening to for many years is brought to a whole new level of depth and clarity. The biggest drawback to the upgrade is the fact that I want to listen to every single album I own all over again.

- Kim E, IL
Great Sound!

Great sound! Function with or without a portable amplifier. Comfortable cups. Not too tight. Great for travel. Small profile. The cups rotate and fold flat. This is nice when worn around the neck. Cool denim carry and protective case. I phone compatible cable included. Well made and distinctive looking.

- GV F, ND

Astounding. I could not believe the sound from my iPod with the Oppo headphones. They are fantastic. I am a planar speaker fan and have planar speakers in my main system. They Oppo's did not disappoint. They really shine on passages that are hard to resolve such as the Brahms and Schumann Symphonies. The first movement of the Beethoven Eroica sounded like a different piece of music with the fantastic resolution of sound.They also shine on voice or piano.

Ranaldo X
Another Great Oppo Product

I was very impressed by my Oppo Bluray player and figured I should give their headphones a try. I travel a lot for work so I chose the PM3 with closed back to block the noise from the airplane. These are really beautifully made headphones. Just like my Oppo Bluray they're smartly packaged. I'd want to own them even if they don't sound good. But they do. I haven't heard another pair of headphones under $500 that can compare with these. I'm a big jazz fan and Dianne Krall sounds fantastic on PM3s. The closed back model works great on airplanes and blocks 95% of the noise. My iPhone 6s drives them just fine.

- Trihn T, WA
Most likely the best headphones at this price!

It will be close to impossible to find a better sounding headphones at $400. OPPO did a great job designing and building the PM-3. I have the iPhone version cable and everything works as expected. Bass is accurate and tight, mid range is open, and highs are balanced and clear. That makes the PM-3 a very musical piece. I tested the PM-3 for over 4 hours with different amp's and devices. It is very comfortable to wear. My iPhone 7 plus drives the PM-3 directly and it sounds great without an external DAC or amp in between. Very efficient. The only minor item of improvement would be the availability of a higher quality cable even though the included standard cable sounds quite good. The overall package is a good value. Highly recommended. Another great OPPO product!