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Sonica Wins

Got this DAC a few nights ago and ... I love it! Comparing it to my Yamaha WXC50 the sound is even better. Using with Woo WA2 tube headphone amp and I'm getting a huge soundstage and monster dynamics with my Focal Elear headphones. The Sonica app is good and about on par with the Yamaha Music Cast app although the Yamaha app runs a little faster. The sound is the big difference here and the Sonic wins that battle in spades.

Todd H.P.
Nice System Upgrade

Owned the Sonica for one month now and can say without reservations it sounds better than my BDP105. I hear excellent soundstaging, sweet lower-mids to mid bass and silky highs. Using Woo Audio WA22 into Bryston 4BSST into PSB Synchrony One speakers. I'm not using the Sonica app. It's OK, but i prefer using JRiver which is my favorite app. Overall, I'd like to give it 4.5 stars but am rounding up to five because it provides a nice upgrade in my system.

- Peter M.8., MD
Would Recommend To A Friend

The Sonica is my third Oppo product and the best so far. Packaging is excellent and build quality is above-average. Sound is wonderfully neutral with timbre accuracy and authentic bass punch. Easy to use with a large easy to read display. The Sonic app is pretty complete, I can't think of anything missing. The sound is the best thing about this player - both through my Sennheiser HD headphones and my B&W speakers. Yes, I would recommend to a friend.

- Lew A, INT
Yes, Would Recommend

Amazing clarity and detailed sound. I love the streamer , I use the Spotify, and love the sound. Connected using the balanced outputs to my integrated receiver. High quality construction. Three digital input and one analog , and a usb reader too. cool !! Both LAN and wifi connections. I highly recommend it.

- Jones J, NC
Best dac I've owned to date

I've been auditioning dacs recently with a price limit of $2500. The Sonica tops everything I've heard - resolving subtle detail without digital annoyance - delivering a stunning musical experience.

- jerome slavata, WI
My For and Against

After one month of listening, my rating: For: If you need an outstanding, well built, stand alone streaming player that can be networked for local playback and has Airplay, Bluetooth and multiple digital inputs then I would highly recommend the Sonica. It sounds fantastic and would make a great addition in almost anyone's home. Against: I can't think of anything right now, but let me get back to you on that one.

- G.L. Brown, NC
Darn Good

I compared the Sonica directly to the Yamaha WXC-50, Pioneer N50 and Marantz N6005. Sonically the Marantz comes closest to the Sonica, but Sonica destroys the other two. The Sonica app is light years ahead of the Marantz app - what's up with that Marantz? So, on balance, the Sonica is my choice.

- Killman T, AL
Five Star Product

Received last friday and burned it in all weekend and here's what I can report. Setup was breezy. Network connection went smoothly and Sonica saw all the music files on my NAS drive. I was able to compare directly to my old setup - Mac Mini server and iFi One DAC - with my Focal Elear reference 'phones. Sound was a marked improvement with Sonica, I hear more detail, more dynamics, and more natural sound. Solid Five Star Product.

- Lenard K, FL
Another good Oppo product

Overall I'm very pleased with this. You already know about the great sound, build quality, and value so I won't reiterate those. I have some suggestions for improvement though. 1. When I first turn it on and start playing music from the network, I'm never sure what the initial volume is going to be. Instead of always defaulting to the last volume setting that the unit was playing, there seems to be some complicated interaction between the mobile apps' last volume setting, which can have multiple instances on multiple devices, and the unit's, which I haven't quite figured out yet. So occasionally when I hit play, the music blasts out very loudly and I have to quickly turn down the volume. 2. The volume control scaling needs to be changed so that there's more play on the higher level settings. In my system, the first 75% of the volume slider is useless because it's all almost inaudibly quiet, so I only have a tiny little segment at the end of the slider on the app to adjust the volume. However, the volume knob on the unit is great and allows very fine adjustments, but I use the app most of the time because I'm a typical couch potato. 3. On the app, I would move the power off button to a more accessible location. It requires too many clicks deep into the menu to reach this frequently used function. 4. Also on the app and unit display, I would always show the numerical volume setting, since the volume bar position isn't very intuitive. 5. Would love to see more integrated music streaming services on the app, like Spotify, Google Play, etc. But I hope Oppo doesn't get sucked into this MQA scheme. 6. Lastly, I'm waiting hopefully for a firmware upgrade to enable gapless playback so I don't have to put up with interruptions on classical music listening.

- John S, CA
Excellent Buy!

Got this because its such a great value for the price. Sabre ESS DAC - easy to use app that works on my android phone and iPad - whats not to love? Sound would be one thing, but here the Sonica delivers highly immersive sound for me. Listening right now to the Firebird on DSD and my system sounds airy with a palpable richness to the strings, brass and reed instruments. Tympani's sound awesome. Excellent buy!

Doug Jackson
A Lot For Your Money

Purchased the Sonica in part because of Oppo's stellar reputation, but also because it is the most affordable DAC using the ESS Sabre DAC chip that by all accounts is the most cutting-edge audio chip on the market. Cut to the chase: soundstage is expansive and reaches beyond the outside edges of my tower speakers and is moderately deep as well. Tonality is excellent. Operation is flawless. You get a lot for your money with this machine.

- Stan N, KY