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Parasound C65 v2

These are a steal at this price. I wasnt sure about buying them since there isnt much info on the net but they are much better then I expected. I use them for Dobly Atmos speakers and with the rotating tweeter you could find a better ceiling speaker.

- mark d, MI
For this price they are a Deal

I purchased a pair of the C-65 and a couple of pairs of the C-70 speakers. They have quality connection terminals and are an easy install. Out of the box, like many speakers, sound like they have a wet towel over them. Once they have been broken in they really opened up and have a nice sound. At regular price I would want to see and hear some different things but at the closeout price, good luck finding a better deal.

- Eric P, MO
Good Sounding Upgrade

I recently swapped-out the cheap in-the-ceiling speakers in tje kitchen and den with these Parasound c65v2s. Start to finish was less than one hour. Parasound quality construction was far better than what came with the house. Nice sonic upgrade! Background music is now much more palatable while I work or cook.

- Jude H, CA