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Parasound A31

I purchased this amp in June 2016 to use for my front three channels, it replaces my BK ref 200.2 that was in use for the front two and my Sunfire which was used for the center. The first thing is that it is massive compared to the BK and very well built. Upon first use as with most electronic home audio devices it was tight and reserved but the extra power was prevalent. Now that it has been in use and has several hours on it has truly opened up and is way beyond my expectations, the clear clean power has a real presence, there is no coloration and never a lack of power, my center channel with dialogue is much clearer and two channel listening is fantastic. Not audiophile jargon, put simply it is a fantastic amp and highly recommended if you are looking for an amp for your front end that can do music and movies with more that enough clean power.

- Gary S, NV