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Best I've Heard

The Parasound JC1s are better than any amp I've had in my system. They make every speaker I've tried sound better - from small bookshelfers to my big Avalon towers. The bottom end I'm achieving with these is spectacular. I've never heard such authoritative bass. They never seem to run out of steam. At the same time, there is a delicacy to the highs that rivals many of the tube amps I've tried. Construction is first rate. It is a very well made product. As an engineer, I am impressed with the design efforts of the three engineers who built this amp. It was obviously a labor of love. It's a fantastic amp.

- Todd V, CA
Awesome Product

These Parasound Halo JC1 monos are awesome. These have 25 watts of pure Class A output so most of my listening is done in pure Class A which gives them a purity that is soo seductive. Images are highly resolved with great detail and clarity. Tone is neutral. They are also very fast and clean sounding. Using with my B&W 802D and Spendor SP1 speakers in a fairly large - 18 x 22 - room. If you are building an elite audio system, put these on your short list.

- Donnelly, Wm., NH
Five - No - Ten Stars!

I recently had the opportunity to sell my Krell 7200 amp to a friend who has been lusting for it for a while and ordered up a pair of the JC1s. They arrived in just three days. Unboxing I was struck by the care Parasound takes with their packaging. They came in two heavy duty boxes with lots of packing. In no time my friend and I had them hooked up and driving my Magnepan 3.6s. I had planned to let them burn in for several days, but couldn't wait and began listening after only a couple hours. They sound amazing, simply amazing. They project a huge soundstage that is controlled down to the finest details. These are a major step up in refinement over the Krell amp with relaxed, yet authoritative presentation of detailed, yet cohesive music. The palpable sense of presence, the nuanced differences in instrumental timbres are remarkable. This sensation holds through many hours of listening with a variety of music genres. I was thinking of updating my speakers but now I may not need a speaker upgrade at all, given the clarity, precision and obvious headroom of the JC 1's combined with an immensly pleasing musical quality that make me smile every time I listen with them driving my speakers. The longer I listen, the bigger my smile. To say I'm pleased would be a profound understatement. Thrilled is more like it, but still falls short. I'm in pure audiophile heaven.

- Milo D.G., DE
Clean and Effortless

I bought a pair of JC-1s for a few specific reasons: power, S/N ratio, input options i.e. balanced jacks, bias, sensitivity, and price point. After a couple weeks of having them as part of my system, I have to say that they live up to the many, many positive reviews you can find on the web. Within 10 minutes of setting them up--a slightly confusing process if you dont give the manual a quick read--I was impressed. I skipped over anything subtle e.g. jazz, easy listening, classical, light alternative and went straight for my stack of metal CDs; if this amp was everything it was cracked up to be, I figured it should turn my sizable listening room into a mosh pit. Fifteen minutes later, my ears ringing and a little out of breath, I said to myself, Holy crap, these amps have BALLS! Not the most technical of reviews, but I couldnt believe the amount of clean, DETAILED sound that these mono blocks put out. Hitting the volume control on your preamp will be an adventure; it is nothing but fun to push these amps. Bass is tight, clean, and ample. Decay is commendably smooth and was a pleasant surprise. Noise of course depends on what you feed these amps, but they certainly did not introduce any significant hum or hiss into the equation. I have since played dozens of different CDs of various genres through the JC-1s. Most of the time I am suitably impressed, or more importantly, the amps just disappear and leave the music. A couple of CDs have sounded subpar; I attribute this to the fact that a quality system is far more revealing than a mediocre one and is quick to expose poor recordings. I have not tried any movie media through them; I setup my listening area solely for music, though I have no doubt these amps would do justice to about anything you could throw at them. Aesthetically, these amps have grown on me. Frankly, I have seen amps that are more eye-grabbing, but two of these sitting side by side on floor stands--and I dont suggest anything else: these are heavy and you could fry eggs on the heat sinks--have a solid and slightly understated look. Guests to your listening area can tell from looking that you have invested in quality components, and if they dont like it--well hell, you can blow them backwards about ten feet with the push of a button. The protection circuitry seems very sensitive; not a bad feature by any means. I have seen it trip twice; once when the wall voltage sagged badly, and the second time when a cheap power strip plugged into another outlet in the room failed. As I said, this is a good thing. In summary, if $8000 is your idea of a bargain on powerful, quiet, detailed monoblocks, then a pair of JC-1s may be just the thing for you. SYSTEM + Krell HTS Preamp. + Music Hall CD-25.2 CD Player. + Phase Technology 9.1 Speakers - 4 ohms. + Optical connect from CD Player to preamp, balanced interconnects from preamp to JC-1s. + Listening room: medium/large in size, moderately active acoustics, long, very light reverberation from far walls. Enjoy!

- Tim M, AZ