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Using a 0.6 meter run of this is excellent interconnect to go between an Vincent PHO-700 tube phono stage and my Parasound pre. The Pangea is more resolving than the AudioQuest King Kobra I had been using, including a substantially deeper and much more detailed bass. My systems sounds very alive now! I have to turn my volume control all the way up to hear any hum so you know it’s well-shielded. I unscrewed one of the plugs to have a look inside, and the solder connections are very cleanly and securely done, and there are quality materials inside. I can recommend this cable highly.

- Barney B, OH
Highly Recommended

A big thumbs up for these Pangea interconnects! I wanted to experiment with one set before committing to them so I put a pair in the most critical place in my system: between my Pro-Ject Classic turntable and my Vincent PHO-8 phono pre-amp where I previously had a run of Blue Jean Tartan cables installed. Improvements in detail and bass response were immediately noticeable. After replacing all my system’s power cables with Pangea AC-14SE and AC-9 and then upgrading to the far superior Pangea Vulcan rack from a VTI rack, I’m beginning to wonder if there’s nothing Pangea improve CANNOT improve for near-pocket change prices. Now ordering more Premier SE cables to re-wire my entire system. Highly Recommended!

- Stephen J, NJ
A Very Good Find

Like others have said here, I was using Cardas Quadlink interconnects for many years, but they were unfortunately misplaced and lost during my last move. I resorted to using some older Blue Heaven cables until I could get around to buying some new ones. The Blue Heavens sounded OK for a few months. Then I saw these Premier SE cables in the Advisor catalog and took the plunge since they are using 100% Cardas Grade One copper inside - just like my old Quadlinks. After burning them in for 24 hours, I sat down for a listen. My reaction was "aaaaah". My system sounded rich and relaxed like I remembered my Quadlink sounding. By comparison, the Blue Heaven cables sounded overly-etched with details having more of an edge. I wouldn't say more detailed. I'd say different. Precise, but with an edge. Over the past couple of weeks as the Premier SE cables have relaxed and broken in they have gotten more detailed sounding and more 3D, but they haven't lost their warm, rich character. For the price paid - less than half what I recall paying for Quadlink - these are a stunning bargain and a very good find.

- Michael R, CA
Good Cable

I got this cable for a second system in my bedroom because its using Cardas copper inside. Construction quality is very good with high quality rcas. I decided to try the Premiers in my main system where I have been using Cardas Quadlink between my CJ pre and Parasound A21 amp. Still debating the merits of each cable. Quadlink offers warm, rich mids, but is softer in the highs where the Premier SE sounds delicate and articulate. I'll give them another week of burn-in before I make a final decision on whether to keep them in my main system of use them in my second. Good cable, anyway.

- Travis R, TX
Price-Performance Killers

I bought 2 pairs of the Pangea Premier SE RCA i.c.'s,expecting very good results.They came through in spades! Tight bass,smooth clear mids,detailed but not tizzy highs,& a realistic naturally musical presentation.Excellent materials&construction,the connectors are superb! Pay twice as much from other manufacturers& you won't get better.Running between my Primaluna Dialogue Premium Preamp & Parasound Halo A21 Amp- Marantz SA8005 SACD player.Took about 20 hours of use before they really sounded great,but well worth the wait! Another A.A.- Pangea winner for sure.If you have quality electronics & want to HEAR them , get these. I honestly don't think you will find better anywhere near the price!

Crazy good for the money

First connecting this cable I was struck by the many extra details I began hearing in the music. The separation of instruments was greater and the highs - OMG - it really put my old Disctech cables to shame! Very good improvement. Not one you should miss. Thanks to Joe for the recommendation.

John Younger
Good Cable!

Picked up these cables to go with my new Oppo 205 that I'm using to play CDs and for streaming digital files. I was immediately impressed by the construction. Comparing with AQ King Kobra cables there was obviously many more details and deeper more tuneful bass. After more days of break in noticed the system sounded smoother, richer and somehow quieter. Now I ordered another pair to go between my Parasound P5 pre and Bryston 3b amp. IMO - Good Cable!

- Galvin J, NM
Replace Older Cables? Great Idea!

When I read the stuff on the 'Advisor website saying "If your cables are more than five years old you should consider upgrading now ..." I thought about it and realized almost all my cables are more like ten years old. Its a mixed batch of AudioQuest, XLO, Tara Labs, and a couple from Ray Kimber. I picked up a few of the new Pangea Premier SE interconnects and ... what a breath of fresh air for my system! I am tickled by the sonic improvement in clarity, openness and detail. I'm racing through my old favorite recording to see how good they sound with these new cables. Using with Parasound P7 pre and A21 amp and my PSB Synchrony tower speakers. Great idea - and great upgrade!

- Robert J, RI
Five Stars

Installed on my Bryston BCD-1 CD player and Wow! Like lifting a veil from my speakers. Airy highs, solid bass and details galore! Comparing with my stable of cables – Monster M-Series, AQ Diamonback, and XLO Ultra Plus – and this new cables bests all of them. Impressed me so much I just ordered a balanced Premier SE from Joe to go between my Bryston amp and pre. Five Stars!

- Ken M.R., OH
Major Performance Upgrade

Don't expect a modest upgrade from the cable you're using now. Expect a big upgrade with these Pangea Signature Edition interconnects, and you won't be disappointed. You'll be as thrilled as I am by the extra performance I'm suddenly hearing from my high-end home system. I had previously published this review for the Premier SE XLR cables, but now own both balanced and unbalanced versions.

Melvin W
Solid Upgrade

Vastly superior to what I had been using and to other cables that cost much, much more. Solid upgrade!

M.J. Young
Sounds Good With My Gear

Very good sounding extremely neutral and accurate sound. Using with my Bryston preamp and valve amp with KT88 tubes.

- Tommy Y, WA
Last Stop On My Cable Journey

Last stop on my cable journey. Using between my Parasound P5 and A21 amp combo. This cable gives me the best sound I've heard so far. Have owned AQ Coral and King Cobra and Kimber PBJ before this one. Still using the PBJ but on my subwoofer amp. This one is more transparent and detailed. Clearer over all frequencies. A keeper.

- Lin J, CA