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My Best Recommendation

Nicely finished and heavy, well made stands and available in a 36" height. I like the tubes, and that they don't look like a solid rectangle. Speaker cable routed well once I removed/unscrewed large banana fittings. I'll be buying more and that's the best recommendation I can give!

- Trevor DDS, AL
Best for the Price

These are definitely the best stands for the price- well built, heavy duty and look good! I have VTI stands that were twice the price that are similar to these, but these are better made. They were very easy to assemble, took about 20 minutes total.

- Sam T, AR
Sturdy and nice looking

Very nice looking and sturdy stands. I am however docking a star due to how difficult these are to mass load. I ended up flipping them upside down and filling from the bottom up since the holes in the bottom were larger. I used blu-tack to secure the speaker to the plate and it's very solid. I recommend these stands, especially for the price.

- Williams, ID
Speakers Never Sounded Better

I suspect anyone ordering this will be very satisfied. The build quality is very good. Very solid and heavy base, clear instructions, tightly fitting, professional finish, etc. My monitor speakers never sounded better!

- Patrick Murphy, MI
Sexy Stand

A very sexy speaker stand easily worth twice the price I paid. Very easy to assemble. Packaged well, came in mint condition. I assembled the bottom plate of the base backwards so that it would be less likely to tip forward. Took me around 15 minutes. What took the longest time was taking all the parts out of the individual corrugated tubes - they are very carefully packaged.

- Lt. Jones, Rt, FL
Very Pleased

These stands are exactly what I wanted. They match my great lookng Pangea Vulcan audio rack. They look high end. They are heavy enough that I don't have to fill them with sand. They are a perfect listening height for my area. I couldn't be more pleased.

- Trevor A, GA
Great Quality

IMO...great quality product, very solid and stable, finish is of a high quality. Assembly is simple. I like that the rear column allows one to thread the speaker cable thru it, in order to achieve a cleaner look and cable management.

- Riley S, AZ
Safe and Secure

When my kids are near this stand, I'm not having a heart attack anymore. They know not to mess with the speakers but it's the accidental bump I worry about. I did put some blue tack pads on the base to hold the speaker in place in case it does get shaken up a bit.

- Goody 4, MO
Awesome Stands

Got what I expected. Awesome, solid speaker stands. Worth every penny.

- Kindal A, ID
Well made, functional, and high-value.

I wish I had bought these stands before I spent a similar amount on another pair that were not nearly as well made, and which could not be filled with shot or sand as these can. Easy to assemble. You will want to use a funnel if you choose to fill them with sand or lead shot. I did add some lead shot to mine for added stability because they are supporting a pair of rather large and heavy 3-way M-Audio M3-8 self powered monitors. The three supporting posts really make them solid and they look good as well. Obvious quality as to design, construction, materials. As a careful shopper I really wanted to spend less, but was disappointed when I did. I am well pleased with everything about these, and recommend them enthusiastically.

- Booker D, NM
Didn't Know They'd Sound This Good

I didn't know my bookshelf speakers could sound this good! Once I got them off the wooden entertainment center and onto the LS300s my speakers for hi-fi and TV really rock. These stands are highly recommended and a great value.

- Sandy D, DE
Big Upgrade For My Speakers

My audio nut friend told me I would get better sound if I put my Dynaudio Excite speakers on a speaker stand instead of my bookshelf. Turns out he was right. These speaker stands were a HUGE improvement in the sound of my speakers. Now its like the performance is in my room instead of behind the wall. Best upgrade ever.

- Terry A, CO
Best Speaker Stand Deal

I saw these stands in a room at the Rocky Mountain HiFi Show in Denver. I was pretty shocked at how good they looked for the price. I was using a pair of PSB Monitor B speakers on single-post Sanus stands. I talked to the guy in the room - Stephen? - and he suggested I try a pair. These stands come in a heavy box but they come in two boxes that are wrapped with tape so they were ok. The stands went together in around 15 minutes. Then I poured in my special mix of kitty litter + steel shot to deaden them further. I also use blutack to mate my speakers to the top plate. Blutak is better than spikes IMO. My speakers really sound great. I'd swear the soundstage got deeper. Sharper transients, too. A good upgrade for $120.

- Dr London Z, SC
Sound great

Nice looking, well made, easy to assemble, BUT, the best part is the sound, huge improvement from bass to highs.

Great Stand At A Great Price

I bought new b&w 685 bookshelf speakers last year and put them on my old wood stands. I love the sound of the 685 but not the base. I also was worried about putting an expensive speaker on an inexpensive stand. I just got a pair of LS300 stands and I love'm. Well constructed, good finish, and rock solid. I use blutack to mate the speakers to the stands. My speakers look better, are more secure and I think they have better bass now, too.

- Alfonso G, CA
Quality product

Purchased 32 stands. Sturdy, well made, easy to assemble.

- Alan W, MO
Really good stands, but....

I really, really like these stands. They are well made, they isolate my speakers well and they look great - my wife even loves them. My only gripe has to do with filling them with sand. It took me almost an entire day to fill the four posts that can be filled. The holes are just too small for any meaningful amount of sand to flow through, so it is a very slow process. If only they could engineer some larger holes so this process could be much quicker.

- Steven J, CA