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Better Than Anything Under $500

I'm happy with my decision to get the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon as my first turntable. It was easy to set-up. Connected to Pro-Ject Phono MM phono stage, solid state amp and PSB compact speakers delivers nice sound. Tried spin Diana Krall, Lorde and Eva Cassidy records, the standard Ortofon 2M Red does the job very well.

- Raymond J, CA

Can't imagine anyone not being delighted with this affordable, entry-level-audiophile 'table. Simple set up and very smooth and great sound

- Caberra C, IL
Major Recommendation

Really great turntable. Doesn't cost an arm and a leg, easy to set up, and sounds great even with the preamp built into my Cambridge Audio amp. Very impressive quality. Easily a major recommendation. Love it.

- Gates, Rob L., CT
Sounds Amazing

I am the new guy on the block with respect to turntables. Total time it took me to unpack it and play my first album was under 30 minutes. I connected the included ground wire to the back of the turntable and the other end to my Marantz receiver. It also helped having the cartridge pre-installed from the factory. I have to admit this turn table sounds amazing! There truly is zero noise emitted from this unit. The soundstage seems to be wider and fuller than when I stream from Tidal on my imac with my Dragonfly Red USB DAC.

- Chris W, MA
Excellent Turntable

Excellent audiophile quality turntable. Worth every penny. Make sure to get an acrylic platter and you've got yourself one awesome sounding turntable and the origin cartridge is truly awesome as well.

- Preet M, CA

I bought this for my husband for Christmas. He was thrilled! We got it all set up, put some of our good old vinyl on it and had a wonderful time listening to all of the music! The sound and clarity is beyond belief! Wonderful!

- Lynn P, CT
Sound Great

The Debut Carbon is everything as advertised. Shipped on time with everything intact. The setup was straightforward and well documented. Best of all I hooked it up and started going thru my record collection. Sounds Great!

- Irv L, KY
Nice Upgrade

I upgraded to this turntable from a low-end Audio Technica and the sound quality is bigger, warmer, and better. Very happy.

- Matthew M, MA
Loved the Turntable - And the Sound

I had a different experience with the Debut Carbon. Mine sounds brilliant. Looks great, too. Sounds so good I've begun collecting records again. New ones are easy to find, but used ones are cheap and sound great, too. Thanks Pro-Ject for great piece of 'kit'. Love it.

- Scott W, IL
Nice Turntable at a Great Price

I read about this turntable for a few years and finally decided to take the plunge with my tax refund. I'm glad I did. I'm no techie, but the package is so well organized I got it working in like five minutes. The sound is sweet. Much better than my iTunes songs. I can see why everyone is talking about the realistic sound of vinyl. I got a red one. It looks great on my wall unit. Everyone keeps asking me about it.

- Josh B, KS
Loved the Turntable, but Not The Sound

I had an unusual experience with this turntable/cartridge: it didn’t sound very good to me. I know the reviews across the Internet for the Debut Carbon DC are sterling, and I did like the turntable ergonomically. But it sounded sibilant and overly bright, when comparing new vinyl to a high res 96/24 digital file of the same recording. There really was no comparison. The digital file was much more listenable. And had the added benefits of no clicks or pops. I have to believe the problem was the Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, but I didn’t try any others. Sadly, since cartridge and turntable are sold as a package, I returned both. But I do not want to dissuade you from trying it yourself. As they say, your mileage may vary.