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Spin Clean Works Great!

I purchased a Spin Clean record cleaning kit so my wife could give it to me as a Christmas present. I have a record collection from way back with some of it coming from garage sales, etc. Ive been reluctant to play some of the dirty albums on my Music Hall MMF5. Since I cant afford an automatic cleaner I thought this would be a good place to start and at least get my records clean enough to not ruin my stylus. Cleaning with the Spin Clean made quite a difference and I was surprised to see how much dirt collected even after all the brushing I do. Even my new record purchases sound better after cleaning. You have to do the work with this cleaner and it took a few records to get the feel of rotating them and keeping them on the rollers. After cleaning, its best to let the solution drip back into the bath about 30 seconds after removing the record. This keeps your drying cloth from getting too wet too fast. Ive found that using two cloths works best. One for the first and wettest wipe and then the second one to make a final wipe. If you dont mind a little manual labor, this product is worth the money. Youll hear the difference as well as see it. Give it a spin....

- Kerry G, TX
Spin delight

I just purchased the Spin Clean. I am quite pleased with the job its done with my records. My jazz collection after the first use sounds so much better with the records seeming to have more spatial depth and soundstage. Also the records are much more quieter. My biggest surprise was when I cleaned an old record that I purchased second hand that did not even have an inner sleeve. It was noisy with the mono sound being pulled mostly one side. After the cleaning, the record sounded like a different LP much cleaner, clearer and with the proper soundstage. I could not beleive the difference and played the same record three times. If you have a modest rcord collection,you will want to buy the Spin Clean. Very satisfied.

- Phil W, PA