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Kimber Kable PK10 PALLADIAN Power Cable - 6 Foot, 15 Amp

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Stereophile calls Kimber Palladian the best-sounding power cord ever. And The Absolute Sound honors PALLADIAN as "Power Cord of the Year."
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    Absolute Sound Power Cord of the Year

    "The Best Sounding Power Cord," Says Stereophile

    The Palladian PK10 PowerKord™ from Kimber Kable represents a new level of performance and value for power cord upgrades.

    "There is going to be a huge demand for a product that can do what it does and at a relatively moderate price for a breakthrough high-end audio product," predicts Karl Lozier in the January 2002 Stereophile. "They are not the most expensive power cords in my home at this time. They are the best sounding however."

    The Absolute Sound magazine recognized Kimber Palladian as its Power Cord of the Year for 2002.

    Breakthrough Power Cord Technology

    Palladian looks significantly different than other high-end power cables. That's because of its breakthrough technology resulting from thousands of hours of research at Kimber's well-equipped laboratory.

    Kimber's engineers developed a special SWR (standing wave ratio) enhancement technology, which dampens electrical standing wave reflections. This proprietary technology has permitted the creation of an AC power cable of unmatched clarity, silence and freedom from grain."

    Noticeably Cleaner, Clearer Sound

    "The dark or black backgrounds, against which musical notes stand out in relief, have seemingly now gone beyond black," marvels Karl Lozier in Stereophile. "That easily translates as noticeably cleaner, clearer sound with low level details becoming more readily apparent without any hint of exaggeration or so called hyper detailing."

    Palladian incorporates a special copper optimized for 120 volt AC wall voltage, as well as a special conductor dielectric that is devoid of performance robbing color doping, affording an uninhibited flow of current and voltage. In combination with the premium Wattgate™ Audio Grade™ 350 IEC and 330 US wall plug, these ultra quiet cables allow for unlimited dynamics, toe tapping rhythmic articulation and exceptional low-level resolution.

    "Kimber's top model, Palladian PK 10 A.C. power cord, is the best I have ever used or heard," concludes Lozier in Stereophile. "Its potential implications for use in / with other products appears unlimited."

    Using UL-listed parts throughout, Palladian offers a higher level of safety and performance than competing cables.

    Product Features

    • Special SWR (standing wave ratio) enhancement technology
    • Special copper optimized for 120 volt AC wall voltage
    • 10-gauge conductors
    • Special conductor dielectric
    • Wattgate™ Audio Grade™ 350 IEC and 330 US wall plug
    • UL-listed parts throughout

    219 Editors' Choice Award – The Absolute Sound

    "A rich dense midrange with an emphasis on soundstage depth. Bass extension and sustain earn high marks. It provides a rich, heavy, even slightly overripe (depending on your system) beat but is nicely detailed and uncompressed."

    - The Absolute Sound, March 219


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